Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Quick Hits–All about the lists

Hi folks, today’s Monday Quick Hits focuses on some lists making the rounds.  I thought I would add my own commentary, and look for some feedback from you as well.  I will admit that these are all pretty lame, but is shows the quality of writing out there on the market when it comes to booze.  Maybe I should take Guavalicious up on her offer to write for the CoMo Collective.

Enjoy- letterman

According to Fox News – 14 Uses for beer.  Ok, its not a real Fox News writer, it’s a blogger’s puff piece to use as filler…and 1/2 of the uses are either stupid or not a cost effective way to use beer.  How about DRINK IT.  Follow the link to better understand the usages.

1. Trap slugs and snails

2. Trap fruit flies

3. Distract bees and wasps from your outdoor gathering

4. Get rid of mice

5. Cockroach trap

6. Fertilize your gardens

7. Fertilize your indoor plants

8. Get rid of brown spots in your lawn

9. Stain removal

10. Spruce up wooden furniture

11. Clean gold jewelry

12. Polishing brass pots

13. Loosen rusty bolts

14. Insulation

Read more:

Meanwhile, how about some drinks THESE writers think you shouldn’t order in public?

    1. [Good bourbon] and coke <Ed- Define Good Bourbon.  What some would call good, I think only deserves Coke (ie, Jack Daniels)
    2. A body shot <Ed – Obviously written by women>
    3. Vodka Tonic <Ed What?  This is a classic!>
    4. Vodka Redbull <Ed – One of Debi’s favs>
    5. Screwdriver <Ed-A classic Morning Drink>
    6. Grasshopper/Girl Scout Cookie <Ed- Haven’t tried, but sounds good in the right setting.
    7. Jagerbombs <Ed -Seriously?  These are the BOMB!>
    8. Hard cider <Ed -Not only obviously written by women, but by women who have never been to the UK>
    9. Black & tan <Ed – Notice, the number one Manly Drink below>
    10. Tequila sunrise <Ed- Another Morning Staple>
    11. Malibu & ____ <Ed- While not my thing anymore, I think Glenn still swears by this stuff>
    12. "Whatever she's having" <Ed- Lame>
    13. Hot Toddy <Ed- Ummmm….if it’s cold outside, YEAH>
    14. Frangelico <Ed- As a shot…not for me.  Ad some Bailey’s and make an Irish Monk>
    15. Disaronno <Ed- really?  Nothing sweet?>
    16. Ciroc <Ed – Everyone knows I hate this Vodka, but what is wrong with ordering it if you like it? >
    17. ____tini <Ed- This list in invalidated right here.  Nuff Said>
    18. Sex on the Beach <Ed- Not a drink for me, but what a great name to say in a bar>
    19. White Russian <Ed- The only reason I wouldn’t is because I wouldn’t trust the bars Milk/Cream>
    20. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri <Ed- Just like Mom used to make>
    21. Shots with more than one ingredient <Ed- Again, proof this was written by women>
    22. Cosmo <Ed- I thought all women liked Sex in the City>
    23. Pinot Grigio <Ed- I would defer to someone like MoWineGirl on this, but I am sure there are good ones out there>
    24. Long Island Iced Tea <Ed- I almost ordered on this weekend>

To me, this is one of the worst lists around – How can you opine what other people shouldn’t drink?  Is it because they “won’t look cool”?  Last time I checked, that was the last reason I drink.  The only one on the list worth a damn is #12.  Their only article on the AWL, and hopefully their last.

Finally, how about Ask Men’s Top 10 Drinks for Guys?

    1. Bulleit Neat <Ed – Damn straight>
    2. Billionaire's Margarita <Ed- Lame, save the money and either order a regular Margarita or go straight to a tequila shot – sadly missing from this list>
    3. A Hole in One <Ed -Could do without the Honey>
    4. Kamikaze – <Ed - Never really understood the name, since it is associated with Vodka…a not so traditional Japanese drink>
    5. Buchanan’s En Las Rochas <Ed- if you are trying to appear manly from a scotch, why go with a blend?  Go with Laphroiag!>
    6. Perfect Pour <Ed- The only thing manly about this is the price tag for the Blue.  While I like it, it’s to pricey and you can get Royal Loch Nagar cheaper – and its one of the main whiskies in this blend>
    7. Black Velvet <Ed- I can honestly say, I have never tried this before, but I do know people who love them.  I just cant bring myself to do it to a Guinness>
    8. Captain & Cola – <Ed- Unless your brand is synonymous with great (such as Guinness) – don’t throw it in the title of a drink.  Plus, if you want spiced Rum and a cola – step it up  with some better brands.>
    9. Dirty Martini <Ed – Finally, another one I can agree with, although there are way better vodkas than Smirnoff you can be doing this with.  Throw some blue cheese crumbles in if you are a real man>
    10. All-Irish Black and Tan <Ed – Loves me some black and tan, but I prefer mine with Bass.  While it takes away the “All Irish”, it is the way it was intended.>

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