Sunday, November 29, 2009

Whiskey in the Jar and Hot Toddys

Well, tonight I have a bit of a sore throat and thought I would put the last corner of Wild Turkey to good work.

I remember as a child my Dad always having a Hot Toddy when we would come home from Ice Fishing.  We would get our own too….sans whiskey, only Honey and Hot Water (my parents were bee keepers).  It was definitely a happy memory.

The history of the a Hot Toddy can be found HERE, but y recipe for a Hot Toddy is :

  • Cover the bottom of the glass with honey.
  • Three fingers of HOT water
  • Two fingers of Wild Turkey

I know some people like Lemon in theirs….but, we didnt have it and I am to lazy to go get some…..and it does fine without.  So, I say add what you like and enjoy.

So, while ENJOYING my drinks….I started goofing on YouTube and realized how many versions of Whiskey in the Jar there are.

I particularly like the song, especially since my mate Gary introduced me to the Dubliners so many years ago and a great wiki on the song can be found HERE

I knew of their version and the duet with THE Pogues, plus the version that Metallica put out….yet the Thin Lizzy version is totally new (Metallica was a cover of theirs).

So I thought I would start a new poll….which was better.

I put 4 of them here for your perusal:

The Dubliners

The Dubliners and Pogues

Thin Lizzy




Voting is enabled at the right and pitch your case in the comments below.



  1. I do not care for lemon so I never use it. HT are the best for a cold as they also relax you and help you to sleep

  2. You know, I don't think i have ever had a hot toddy. Next time I have a cold or congestion though, I know what I am doing!

  3. Problem is... my favorite version is by Luke Kelly. This is the version I cut my teeth on.

  4. Feh... yer missing the version I cut my teeth on by Luke Kelly.

  5. Well....Luke Kelly was a founding member of the Dubliners and I'm sorry I didnt include ALL Versions :P

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