Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wild Turkey and Coke

Watching Notre Dame collapse against Stanford has been a long night.  ND held them early, but their Defense has sucked ass.

But I digress.

Tonight I have been drinking Wild Turkey and Coke.

If ever there is a perfect match in the world, it is this.

I reflect back to my days in Weisbaden with TonySama and Trojan.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, Tony and I used to go to the bar and drink WT&C .

I remember laughing with Tony, as we called our bartender Lloyd because he reminded us so much of the guy from the Shining.

Every evening, he would say…Good Evening Sirs, what can I get you.

Eventually he knew it would always be the ….Turkey and Coke.

So tonight I revisited,  I missed the almost sickly sweetness of the drink.  Wild Turkey, with its high alcohol content, is often deferred to mixing,…..I think with Coke (in our case Diet Coke) .

As a highball drink, Nothing compares  to this one.

Big Punch, lotsa booze and even in a bar environment, a good mixer for a quick drunk.

So, ND looses (we wont even reflect on watching ND beat FLSt in you apartment guys)….hopefully we can get a good coach and create a new tradition with a new drink.

In the meantime, I still loves me some WT&C and there is even a Society on FB to promote it. 

Give it a try…great drink and a great drunk.


  1. Wild Turkey. Now that will put hair on your naughty bits. I do love me a good whiskey and coke though. I have an uncle that will do duck calls when he is drinking Turkey and Coke, and will get louder and louder as he drinks more and more of them.

  2. ROFL....Duck Calls and Turkey, that sounds like a drink name right there.


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