Monday, November 9, 2009

And now a word from our Sponsors

Ok, I doubt it would surprise anyone that I started this blog because I am writing/blogging about something I really enjoy in life.

After throwing some posts up though, I learned that you could make a little money if people click on the ads and was curious as to how much.

Since this was Google, I figured it wasn't a scam and included them in my setup.

How good has it been? Well, without even trying I am already over $50 (thanks everyone who helped)....all in a little more than a week.

Is that earth shattering? No. Will I be able to afford both Parkplace AND Boardwalk? No. But what it is, if I continue growing in ad clicks, is more booze for the New Years Bonfire and gets the ball rolling for the next GOAT NIGHT.

I'm sure you are all wondering how you can help. It's easy, click through all the ads once a day. Visit the sponsors. Show/tell them you like their products. Buy stuff.

What if you are not attending either of these events? Well, as far as I am all are invited anyway, even those of you I haven't seen in a long time. If you can't attend, you probably know me well enough to know I would buy you a drink anyway next time I see you (or have bought you a lot in the past). This is just a medium so that we can continue life as I like to enjoy it....with Booze for everyone.

I included a picture to show you what the ads look like, because some people say they didn't know where to click.

So, please take a few minutes out of your day and click through the Sponsors. If you are blogging and Monetize your site, I would be more than happy to do the same for you as well....just let me know the site.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

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