Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lieinenkugle Fireside Nut Brown Ale

Here we are with another seasonal beer, this time from Leinenkugle...their Fireside Nut Brown Ale.

Unlike the two previous, this one claims to have a "Maple aroma and pronounced Chocolate, Carmel and Hazelnut Top Notes", so NO PUMPKIN.

The first time I tried this beer I thought "Meh". The flavor doesn’t hit you right away, it’s very subtle and at the end there is a nice caramel flavor with a punch of roasted nuts (but I don't get the hazelnut). The flavor full bodied with a touch of sweetness at the end and I get the Chocolate more from the Aroma (very sweet) than the actual taste.

The color of the beer is an amazing dark amber color. Darker than a Killian's, this one looks very good poured and held a nice head while took the dogs out.

It wasn't until the second or third beer that this one grew on me, although I don't think I could drink a whole 6 pack in one sitting (a true sign of a great beer). This would be one that I would break out when someone stopped by and we sat on the deck watching the sunset. Definitely NOT a Football Saturday Beer.

The flavor is definitely a little different, so I give props for that. Today, to many beers try to taste like the brand of the Leinenkugel really stands out.

I don't want to say I am glad this is a seasonal (Only available Nov - Jan) because I think it is unique and I wouldn't mind serving it at a Sept party...but since it is, look for it at our annual New Years Bonfire and give it a try.

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