Friday, November 27, 2009

The He’Brews

As you might recall, earlier I reviewed He’Brew Messiah Bold here on the Blog. As a brown ale, I thought it was very good and said I would buy it again.

Well, in her shopping for our Thanksgiving Day meal, Debi picked up a 6-pack of this AND found that HyVee now is also carrying He’Brew Genesis Ale.

When I was unloading the car, I knew this was going to be a good day.

I held off cracking open any of the He’Brews until Alby got over, as I wanted him to experience the new one with me (hint hint on a review Albs and K).

Anyway, I thought it would be hard to pull me away from the Messiah Bold, but Genesis did the trick.

A golden honey color opening with a malty/Caramel aroma. The taste of roasted caramel sits well on the tongue and there is a hint of nuttyness and hops as a finish. I particularly liked the creamy sensation this beer creates when resting on the tongue. It was great.

Alby and K sampled both the Genesis and Messiah, and I know their druthers….but they can add that in the comments section.

So far, Schmaltz Brewing has hit it out the park two times in a row for me. I know I am planning on exposing more drinkers to it on New Years, plus I have a Company Christmas Party coming up too. Hopefully we can create enough of a demand here in CoMO to get some the others in the product line.

Chutzpah Never Tasted So Good.

Finally, what is Genesis ;)


  1. I'm not nearly as wordy as Ed... but I'll certainly stand behind this beer. Damn good beer... that Messia bold is right wheelhouse.

    Two thumbs up from Alby.

  2. Hey Ed. Zak's back. Awesome that you found a six pack of Genesis Ale. Really glad you enjoyed it. So which was your favorite? Genesis or Messiah? Thanks again for the support. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. ~Zak

  3. I'm very sad - I am the one that went to the store - I am the one that bought the He’Brew and I am the ONLY one that didn't get to taste either............

  4. Debi lies, I saved her some :P

    Zak, I think I prefer the Genesis Ale. The complex body and flavors is more to my liking.

    I could see Debi (who has tried Messiah Bold before)liking it as well.


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