Monday, September 22, 2014

Demon In A Bottle

It’s a great time to be a geek (or NERD).   I have said numerous times that I never (even in MY wildest dreams) thought I would be seeing some of the comic books I love come to life like they are now in theaters.

Some of you may recall my excitement leading up to the first Iron Man, and then there was Nick Fury hinting at the Avengers.  No WAY!  I thought they couldn’t pull that off, because there was no established group yet – and we would never see HellCarriers in a movie…..even Hollywood couldn’t do that.

We then got a pretty good Hulk (sadly losing Ed Norton), a passable Iron Man 2, Thor…and then, it all came together with Captain America.  IMO – a near perfect origins story.

When the Avengers came out – Downey stole the screen again, the team came together….AND there were Hellcarriers!


At this point, Marvel could do no wrong – and this was proven out this year with Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Winter Soldier made a super hero movie that plays out like real life (as one can be in the Marvel Universe) and GotG took a product not many had heard of, and made it a phenomenon. 

Remember when I said it was great to be a Geek (or Nerd)?  This is why – because of arguing about how bad a movie was (Fantastic Four anyone?), we can nitpick on the great things – which leads to  this article.

With the current popularity of GotG – you knew at some point we would hit saturation. Everwhere you turn, you have Groot popping up, and now even Marvel is jumping their own shark. 

Over at Comic Alliance, you have the headline Marvel Announces Rocket Raccoon And Groot Homage Covers.  In the article, you learn that Marvel is going forward with some variant art covers, portaying Rocket and Groot in some classic scenes.   Personally, I am underwhelmed – liking only the Thor crossover.  But the one I dispise the most is this one – that take on Demon in a Bottle.



As cute as baby Groot is, you don’t mess with the inner turmoil of Tony Stark or the possibly one of the greatest storylines in Iron Man history.  Especially when Disney is so afraid to do this story line – because of the kids going to see the movies.  Either you respect the brand (and don’t tease us about it in other movies) or you leave it alone by not marketing to kids with your two new cash cow characters.  You cant have both.

Ugggh – now I want an R-Rated Marvel Universe movie (please do  a Punisher movie right!).

See what I mean – the world is so great in the Marvel Universe, we are debating (we cant even argue) about variant comic covers.  Life is good!  Am I off base on the Demon in a Bottle debate?  Who is your favorite Marvel character?  Most glaring nit-pick?  Debate it all below.

Cheers – and make mine Marvel.

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