Thursday, November 28, 2013

A DC Superhero Thanksgiving

Regardless of the number of days since DC has done something stupid – this is epic.

In fact, I would pay to watch a full movie of this – which says more than the last Batman flick.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Around the World in 80 Drinks

Enlarged version HERE

This Day in History – Nov 27th 1964 Star Trek

I have heard people say – What would Star Trek have been like without William Shatner.  Well, we do have a glimpse – with Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike from the original pilot episode of the series, entitled “The Cage”. 

On this day in history, 1964, the very first scene was shot – and since it is on this blog, it involved Alcohol.

In it, Dr. Phillip Boyce and Captain Pike have a conversation over drinks in Pike’s quarters.

To think it all started over a drink – I like that.

Cheers -

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tortuga Rum Cake


Its that time of year again– and nothing says welcome to the Holidays like feasting – and in the case, Tortuga Rum Cake.

I get it – its not that nasty fruit cake that people want to give out in November and December.  Instead it is a rum glazed cake topped with walnuts that guaranteed to melt in your mouth. 

I can honestly say, that for a pre-packaged, mass-produced cake….this is one of the best.

The shelf life of this vacuum sealed delicacy is 12 months (indefinitely if frozen) – and it is just as moist when you open it, as it would be straight out of the oven.

Do yourselves a favor this year – put one of these in the middle of the Christmas/Thanksgiving table….and watch it disappear.


PS – Since it is NATIONAL CAKE DAY, Tortuga is running a Buy one, Get one Free Offer.

Monday, November 25, 2013

WWII Hero….and BEER

What more could you ask for - a WWII Hero getting his buddy a beer.  Well – this story has a surprise ending as he learns about his legacy.

Here’s to you Vince Speranza.  Airborne All the Way.

Cave Creek Chili Beer

I know its been awhile since I posted, but I have been in the process of migrating over to a new hosting provider, and page formatting isn’t coming across right. 

As it stands, I have a lot of reviews that are backlogged – and I want to start getting them out, so I thought I might as well post them…..starting with Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer.

How could I not try this, since it combines three of my favorite things – Beer, Chili and Crazy Ed.

Crazy Ed is a 75 year old restaurateur who started Cave Creek Chili Beer in 1992, where (they claim) they created the worlds first Chili Beer.  A beer that even has a Serrano Pepper floating in the bottle.

The beer (and Crazy Ed) were even featured on The Food Network.


I saw this  beer while out to dinner at Pescados the other night and, given my love for Chili Beer (thank you Flat Branch) I had to give it a try.

Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer

AppearanceChili Beer - A clear golden yellow, the beer itself had almost zero carbonation.  This could be due to the with one Serrano Pepper floating in the bottle.

Nose – Straight green chili pepper.  No hops or malt.

Taste – High on the chili spice, this overwhelming flavor hides anything you could be looking for from a beer.  The green chili flavor itself is not as spicy as the video claims, but still has a little kick to it. 

Overall – While this may be the original, I still give Flat Branch the edge in putting out a better product.  This beer does pair well with steaks and Mexican food – so that is a bonus.  I could see it being a very niche or novelty beer that wouldn’t work well with everyone.  I thought the beer was average – but I could see this actually failing with some people. 

I would give this a 2.5 out of 5 for general consumption and a 3 out of 5 if you are into spicy/flavorful beers.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 and Budweiser

I often rail against Budweiser for its mass marketing and the quality of their beer.  InBev is always on my radar for their (successful) attempt at a monopoly and the way they edge out the smaller craft breweries.

But today, even I can put it all aside – as we the world remember the tragedy of 9/11…and I would like to do so by sharing (IMO) the best Budweiser Commercials ever.  

We will never forget -

Friday, August 30, 2013

Judge Joe Brown and I drink the same stuff

Judge Joe Daytime TV – gotta love it.  You can’t surf the channels without at least one Court type TV show. 

Gone are the days of Judge Wapner – instead we have; Judge Judy (the bitch), The People’s Court (Not the Original), Judge Mills Lane and many others.

Well – now I have a new favorite – Judge Joe Brown.  Personally, I hate the show – but after hearing his mouth, seeing his lechery and finding out we both like Bombay Gin and Tonic…..he’s a winner in my book.

If I ever appear in his court….I will just say “What up HOLMES!”

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Kenny Baker

What can we say – other than Happy Birthday and Bring us a drink.

Cheers Kenny and we all hope you have many many more.

Happy Birthday



Friday, August 23, 2013

Words I never thought I would utter….

Irish Pub Well – I NEVER thought I would say this….but I finally found an Irish Pub that I will not go to.

There are many pubs that call themselves Irish that I find questionable at best, McNally’s in CoMO comes instantly to mind, but I can usually find some redeeming quality about them…that is until I read the below story about Finnegan’s in Stockton CA.

Forget that they are having a Live Burlesque Show on Friday, tout their $2 Bud Light, Coors Light and “Irish” Fish Tacos, or the fact that their claim to “Authentic Irish Food” is anything named with Guinness, Irish, Dublin or has Corned Beef and Cabbage on it (don’t believe me, check out their two page menu – Page 1 & Page 2)

Instead – they have decided to use Facebook as a virtual bouncer.  If you want to get in after 9PM….you better have liked them on Facebook, and they like you back. 

That’s right, the same Facebook we all love to hate – the one that constantly changes their privacy settings and users agreement so that your information can be shared however they want.  Meanwhile, you are opening up your personal life – just to get into a bar. 

Sorry folks, but some of the best bars I have ever been to have been Irish Pubs… the US, UK and Ireland, even Germany (looking at you Gary S.).  In every one of those – I have been welcomed with open arms, treated like family and had some damn good Irish cuisine over the years.

Sorry Finnegan’s – While I doubt that I get to Stockton anytime soon (although you never know) I will be sure to skip (and recommend the same to my readers) your establishment.  In fact – if you are looking for a great Irish Pub in California…..check out Dublin’s Irish Pub in LA.  As many of my friends can attest – they know how to treat you like a VIP.

Cheers -

PS – to get the sour taste out of your mouth….after the story, I dropped some classic Irish Music in for ya….

Facebook Is New Bouncer At Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Stockton

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton Bar owner came up with a way to keep questionable customers out and good customers coming back—people need to become his friend on Facebook before they’re allowed in.

The only way you’ll get into Finnegan’s Irish Pub after 9 p.m. is if they Like you.

“We’re friends.”

And that friendship has to come from Facebook.

“I use Facebook a lot.”

And so does the pub.

Tony Mannor, the pub’s owner, says they use Facebook to screen visitors and keep the establishment safe.

They had no other choice.

“As we became more popular we also attracted some trouble. People don’t know how to have a good time.”

They had problems with undesirables.

“We really didn’t want to attract that crowd.”

So they came up with the idea of requiring people who show up after 9 p.m. to become facebook friends.

But you still couldn’t get on the special guest list until Tony checked out your profile page to see what kind of person you really are.

Tony says Facebook is the best bouncer he’s ever had.

“It eliminated nearly all of our troubles.”

Your Facebook ID is now checked at the door.

“The bouncer actually stands at the front door with a computer to make sure you’re guest,” pub Facebook friend Debbie Walters said.

Guests love the idea. They feel safer.

“For the most part there’s not a lot of trouble here because people know that they can be identified if the do cause trouble.”

Tony says they have about 10,000 friends on Facebook right now.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

R2-D2 was a pipe smoker

Thanks to J.P for sending over some Star Wars Tattoos on Twitter. 

I love them all – but this was definitely my favorite.  I always knew R2 was a pipe kinda droid.

Check out the rest HERE


Star Wars - Downunder

I love fan films….because in many cases – the fans remember what the original writers have forgotten, to have fun and express your love for the source material.

Thanks to Alby for posting this this morning….because, quite honestly, this looks better than 99% of the material in the prequels…and proves you can have a cgi character that is not as annoying as Jar-Jar.

I would pay to see a longer version of this movie in theaters… please  “Make it So”

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Day in History – Aug 16 1940…AIRBORNE!

August 16, 1940 marked the first official Army parachute jump, validating the innovative concept of inserting United States ground combat forces behind a battle line by parachute.


To Commemorate (with a special shoutout to Boyer, Bulldog and my brother Jim)– Might I suggest a Cocktail

Parachute (Cocktail)

  • 1 part Tequila
  • 1 part  Kahlua
  • 1 Bottle of Beer

Mix the tequila and the Kahlua in a shot glass then set it on FIRE!!. In a medium jar pour the beer and then with the shot still on fire, drop it in the jar of beer.

Do you smoke – Get ready for Home Inspections

Government-Snatches-Right-to-Privacy I think everyone here knows I try to stay out of politics here on the Blog.  In fact, I try to be an equal opportunity offender (although some occasional bias slips in)- unless it comes to Tobacco Legislation, DUI and Drug Enforcement and any stupid alcohol policies thrown out there.

Today – I breaking that mold. 

I have lifted below the post on FreedomOutpost.Com almost verbatim (I inserted one addition – more on that later).  Not because I want Blog Hits – but because I know some readers will not go to the real article to read it.  I think this message MUST get out and I hope the people at Freedom Outpost understand.  Please visit their site as well, because they do have some really interesting posts.

Anyway – I have often wondered what the endgame was – when you visit the Doctor or Hospital and they ask some invasive questions pertaining to Firearms in the Home, Tobacco Use and Alcohol Consumption….even when none of it pertains to the ailment you are seeking treatment for.  Well – now it is starting to come to light. 

Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections

“Clearly, any family may be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason.” According to an Obamacare provision millions of Americans will be targeted. The Health and Human Services’ website states that your family will be targeted if you fall under the “high-risk” categories below:

  • Families where mom is not yet 21.
  • Eligible families that have a history of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment. (added by S&B – Does DUI, Mandatory Alcohol Treatment due to DUI or misdemeanors where alcohol was involved fall under this caveat?)
  • Families where someone is a tobacco user.
  • Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.
  • Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States.
  • There is no reference to Medicaid being the determinant for a family to be “eligible.”

In 2011, the HHS announced $224 million will be given to support evidence-based home visiting programs to “help parents and children.” Individuals from the state will implement these leveraging strategies to “enhance program sustainability.”

Constitutional attorney and author Kent Masterson Brown states,

“This is not a “voluntary” program. The eligible entity receiving the grant for performing the home visits is to identify the individuals to be visited and intervene so as to meet the improvement benchmarks. A homeschooling family, for instance, may be subject to “intervention” in “school readiness” and “social-emotional developmental indicators.” A farm family may be subject to “intervention” in order to “prevent child injuries.” The sky is the limit.

Although the Obama administration would claim the provision applies only to Medicaid families, the new statute, by its own definition, has no such limitation. Intervention may be with any family for any reason. It may also result in the child or children being required to go to certain schools or taking certain medications and vaccines and even having more limited – or no – interaction with parents. The federal government will now set the standards for raising children and will enforce them by home visits.”

Part of the program will require massive data collecting of private information including all sources of income and the amount gathered from each source.

A manual called Child Neglect: A Guide for Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention includes firearms as potential safety hazard and will require inspectors to verify safety compliance and record each inspection into a database.

Last session South Carolina Rep. Bill Chumley introduced a bill, H.3101 that would nullify certain provisions of Obamacare. The bill would give the state attorney general the authority to authorize law enforcement to arrest federal agents for trespassing. It would make forced home inspections under Obamacare illegal in South Carolina. It passed in the House but died in the senate. Kent Brown and Rep. Rick Quinn discuss “forced” home inspections under Obamacare in the video below.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Hobbit – An Unexpected Parody

Already 10 times better than the first movie


Going to GenCon? Head to Scotty’s Brewhouse

Its not very often I get to do some crossover with a few of my favorite passions – Drinking and Gaming.  I only wish I was going to GenCon this year so I could truely experience this….so maybe someone can snap pictures and send them over as part of a review ( 

Anyway – if you are in Indy for GenCon this year…the folks at Paizo Publishing have apparently arranged a Pathfinder themed menu at Scotty’s Brewhouse.  I have no idea if this is planned for the whole weekend or just a private party….but it sounds like fun to me.  At least worth checking out.


Want Some Rye? Course ya do - Bulleit Rye

I grew up a child of the 80’s. 

Some of my most influential moments took place in front of Mikey C.’s TRS-80, as we tried to make the talker program say dirty words and we pushed the envelope on the old Zork Games when it came to that Princess.

Later, when Return to Zork came out in the 90’s…I thought there would never be a greater game in existence. 

Long before I moved from Beer to Liquor….I knew I wanted some Rye with Boos Miller.

Fast forward many years….with me walking through the local ABC store (more on that for a later post) trying to decide what to start stocking the bar with, since GingerMeatloaf was coming to town – and I didn't know I had a bottle of Scotch coming in.

Spotting Bulleit bourbon…I notice a label next to it, one I had been meaning to try….and as soon as I saw it, I heard ol’ Boos’ voice in my head.  I knew I had to have it.   Bulleit Rye.


The second in the line from The Bulleit Distilling Company – Bulleit Rye (distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana) builds off of the their bourbon line, which has a 28% Rye Content, and really smacks you in the mouth with one of the highest rye contents in the business at 95%.  In fact, some people might mistake the 95% on the label as alcohol content – which it is not.  Bulliet Rye in 90Proof or 45% ABV.

Bulleit Rye Review-

Served – On ice Rye

  • Appearance – A dark golden hue
  • Nose – Fruity (Cherries), front end spice and a hint of tobacco (fine cigar) and brine.
  • Taste – The viscous and silky mouth feel is the beginning of the experience, to be followed by a fistful of spice…right in the kisser. When I saw the flavors are a cornucopia – I am not exaggerating…each glass seemed to add a layer of complexity.  Nutmeg, Coriander, Vanilla and even a touch of mint.  A clean oak taste rounds the middle of the palette and this drink’s finish has a beautiful burn with hint of raw cinnamon.

Overall – Where has this been all my life?  I love Bulleit Bourbon, and I thought it couldn’t be topped.  But, like a great hitter – they step up to the plate and knock another one out of the park.  I can honestly say, without any qualms, that this is a straight up 5 Star Product – not just a winner in the Rye Whiskey Category.  The level of craftsmanship here is off the charts, and I highly recommend it.  I personally am not a Manhattan Drinker – but this is a liquor that might make me rethink that as well. 

Excellent Excellent Excellent Job – Alby, you MUST go pick this up ASAP.

Cheers -


Bell’s Whisky and Help for Heroes

A few weeks back, a friend of mine (CR) sent me a picture while he was traveling in the UK.

While CR definitely knows my love of good whisky, I think that combined with the name to make it a novelty picture.  But putting both of those aside, it was really the premise of what Bell’s was doing that caught my eye.

You see, this bottling from Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky is intended to raise £1 million pounds for the charity Help For Heroes


Its not secret, as a military veteran myself, I am all about helping the military – and here was a distillery of one of our allies that is stepping up to make a difference. 

In fact, Bell’s has been committed to the military since at least the First World War – Where the Bell family would have a few cases of Bell's Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky sent down to the docks to be distributed among the troops going off to the Western Front with the idea being that they should have a wee dram, …"afore ye go" (their trademark phrase).

Needless to say – I had to have a bottle of this, and CR was kind enough to send me one.

Imagine my excitement on Friday, after a day of golf (and drinking) with GingerMeatloaf and JPlace, to find a package had arrived.

Ginger and I cracked the bottle – and I am sure there will be at least one picture published from that adventure…but here is my “Official Review” from last night.

Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky

Bells1Editor’s Note – this is the FIRST Blended Whisky I have reviewed here at S&B.  I am usually all about the Single Malts and bourbons on the market – but in this case I am glad I made the exception.

About the Whisky – Beginning in 1835, Bell’s is said to be the most popular blended whisky in the UK. 

The blend itself is comprised of whisky from many different (the 5 main distilleries are listed below), and the quality of said whiskies exceeds the 3 year maturation standard for Scotch – with each barrel aged at least 8 years.

Appearance – Light Golden Honey Yellow

Nose (undiluted) – Heavy alcohol, with a sweetness of honey and a touch of peat smoke.

Nose (diluted with 4-5 drops of water) – mellows the alcohol smell and opens up the peat, with a hint of pine.

Taste – Surprisingly sweet for a whisky, the honey comes through again, with acidic fruit (oranges).  There is a rough alcohol burn that some might find unappealing – but for me, I have definitely had much worse.

Finish – The alcohol burn taper towards the back of the palate, with a salty finish.  This sweet and salt combination can be a little off-putting at first – but it does grow on you.

Overall – I am torn on this one.  I am a Scotch purist- and if I graded in from there….I would call this a 2.5 to 3 stars.  Very average and middle of the road.  Since it is a blend – I would probably raise to a solid 3 stars…and I could really see this as a mixing whisky (*GASP*) vs. a top shelfer that you break out on special occasions.  In that capacity, I would say a solid 4 stars and (given the price point) this would be something I keep around. 

In closing – I know some people expect their Scotches and Whiskies to always be high end…and that doesn't always work out.  Me, I like exposing the masses and they people branch and learn from there.  And for this, I think Bell’s wins in spades.  Add in their current campaign for helping Soldiers…and I am all about it.

I think some of the smaller and craft distilleries in the US are missing the boat here, and I would love to see one of them (I’m looking at you Bulleit) step up and do a limited release for The Wounded Warrior Project.  We all need to do our part- and nothing says thank you more than a bottle of bourbon or whiskey.

Finally – I wanted to thank CR for sending me the bottle.  Definitely I will make it up to you when we see each other in Barcelona.  I just have to find you something a little bit extra special.

Cheers all – and thank a soldier today….they deserve it.

PS – I have already have had the question “What is that in the bottom of the glass”.  Read my review of Whiskey Disks HERE to find out.

American Badass Beer – Yes Please

We’ve been big fans of Kid Rock here at S&B for some time.  Not always because of his music (everyone has different tastes) – but instead, due to his commitment to the US Troops and helping others.

Well – Now he is making beer….and I love the idea.

kr_badassCurrently, the city of Detroit is going through some tough times.  With the decline of the Auto Industry, we have seen the city shink from its all time high of 1,850,000 residents to the current 701,000.  Whole city blocks are shutting down – and businesses are leaving faster than rats from the Titanic.

To me, anyone bringing any type of business into the region should be applauded….and enter Kid Rock.

Here is the Press Release from his website:

Tomorrow, August 9th at DTE Energy Music Theatre, American Badass Beer makes it's long awaited return!  We've been busy the last few months.  Busy gathering the best equipment and the finest ingredients available in order to construct a world class brewery and brew beer right here in DOWNTOWN DETROIT.  Badass Beer will be on draft for the entire run of shows but it won't stop there.  Later this fall we're going to be back in local bars and restaurants, and shortly thereafter you can plan on having Badass on store shelves in cans and bottles throughout Michigan.

We'll keep you updated as we roll out the plan.  We're excited for all you Kid Rock fans (who are lucky enough to have a ticket) to preview Badass during the upcoming concerts at DTE. Badass Beer.

To me – this is great news, not only for beer drinkers….but the People of Detroit.  If only we can have some assurances of National distribution and a promise of never selling out to InBev….I would be in 1000%.

Sadly, I currently live in VA – so the odds of this beer making it to me within the next millenium are pretty slim.  So if anyone in Detroit sees this and wants to send me a 6pack – Email me at and we can work something out.  I would love to review it.

Great job Kid Rock – at least someone in the Entertainment Industry gets is.


made in2_0

Star Wars Speed Dating

I always thought Speed Dating was stupid….but if it were like this…..I loves a train wreck.

Bonus – Hearing George Lucas’ Mickey Mouse Fantasy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More for Wine Wednesday – Best States for Wine Consumers

Since it is Wine Wednesday – how about a report on which state is it easiest to get access to wine?

Thats the type of reporting I like

New Report Reveals Which States Are Friendliest to Wine Consumers

image (Washington, DC)—If you're a wine consumer, it's best to avoid living in states like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and Delaware.

These are just a few of the states that received an “F” in a new report from the American Wine Consumer Coalition (AWCC) grading states on the consumer friendliness of local wine laws. Seven states and the District of Columbia received an A+.

“Consuming Concerns: The 2013 State-By State Report Card on Consumer Access to Wine” looked at various criteria to determine which states treat their wine consumers best. The report can be downloaded from the AWCC website, at

“Eighty years after the end of Prohibition, consumers in numerous states still live under archaic laws that disregard their interests,” said David White, president of the AWCC. “These laws harm consumers and enrich special-interest groups."

The AWCC's report considered the direct shipment of wine from out-of-state wineries and retailers; supermarket wine sales; Sunday wine sales; "bring your own bottle" laws; and state control of the sale and/or distribution of wine.

Some highlights from the report:

• 36 states ban the shipment of wines from out-of-state retailers, thus prohibiting citizens from accessing many imported wines and joining most wine clubs.
• 11 states ban the shipment of all wines, domestic and imported, from other states.
• 17 states ban supermarket wine sales.
• 15 states prohibit restaurants from encouraging patrons to "bring your own bottle."
• Two states, Pennsylvania and Utah, control the sale and distribution of wine.

“Too many states are failing their citizens by enforcing arbitrary laws that benefit special interests at the expense of consumers," said White. “Fortunately, there are several states—those that received an A+—where consumers can conveniently access the wines they want. These states can and should serve as examples for those that are failing.”

And Guess What, It’s Wednesday


Wednesday is the best time to drink wine study says

A new study by bottling company Cobevco reveals that Wednesday evening is the most common time to start drinking wine as it marks the mid way point between the beginning of the week and the weekend.

According to the findings, men are the first ones to give in and have their first glass at 6:40 p.m. on Wednesdays while women tend to begin at around 7:07 p.m.

In addition, the study found that 76 percent of people who start drinking on Wednesdays prefer to do so at home rather than go out.

"[I] "always gets into my pajamas and enjoy a few glasses at around 7 p.m. with my dinner," said study participant Laura Phillips. "It's the perfect time to sit on the sofa and share a nice bottle of red."

Read more:

And since it is  Wednesday – where did I put that corkscrew?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beer Helped Win the World Cup

The iconic Dutchman has reacted to claims about doping use in West Germany and joked he thought there were other reasons for their physique

Netherlands legend Johan Cruyff is surprised by recent claims about systematic doping use in West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s and joked that he thought their impressive fitness was down to drinking plenty of beer.
A recent investigation by the Humboldt University of Berlin revealed that the West-German government financed experiments with anabolic steroids, testosterone, oestrogen and EPO in various sports, similar to doping programs in the DDR.
"I have heard the stories about the use of doping in West Germany and people have asked me whether I noticed anything at the 1974 World Cup," Cruyff wrote in his column for De Telegraaf.
"To be honest, I cannot even remember whether there were already doping tests after games back then. I didn't see anything strange during the final against West Germany.
"We didn't know any better than that West-German players were always bigger and stronger than us. They were developed better physically, but everybody always said that was because they drank more beer."
Netherlands were beaten 2-1 by West-Germany in the final of the 1974 World Cup.

5000 year old brewery reconstructed

I love history – especially when it has to do with Beer.

Cheers -


One of the world's oldest breweries reconstructed

Over 5.5 thousand years old brewing installation discovered by Polish archaeological mission at Tell el-Farcha in Egypt has been reconstructed in 3D by Karolina Rosińska-Balik, PhD student at the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology. image

"The presented reconstruction is a hypothetical assumption based on preserved structures of similar analogous buildings at both Tell el-Farcha and other brewing centres in Upper Egypt" - reserved the archaeologist.

The installation consists of three vat pits and measures about 3.4 by 4 m. The entire structure, with plan reminiscent of a three-leaf clover, was surrounded by a wall with a height of up to 60 cm. Vat pits were also separated from each other with low, narrow walls.

In order to stabilize the vessels used for brewing beer, base was used in the form of a solid clay, which was surrounded by a clay ring with a clear break.

"The purpose of this solution was probably better air circulation, which in turn would allow better control of constant temperature. Such base was usually surrounded with two concentric rows of bricks with D-shaped cross-section, designed to sustain the vessel" - explained Karolina Rosińska-Balik.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the brewery was carried out in several stages. The first step was the preparation of linear drawings allowing to capture the actual condition of the structure immediately after the discovery. This phase consisted of the introduction of the original drawing into the computer space. Computer drawing in an appropriate scale was used as a base to create a three-dimensional copy of the brewery. The next step in the virtual reconstruction was to recreate the basic building blocks used to erect the complex. According to the researcher, this material were three types of bricks made of mud mixed with chaff and burned.

"Thus prepared three-dimensional bricks made it possible to start the next stage of reconstruction. The work leading to the creation of the virtual model was a tedious process of laying bricks one by one, almost like at a real construction site. For greater clarity and transparency of the structure, I decided to only partially erect the maximum dimensions of the walls, and only one completely reconstructed vessel" - said the PhD student. image

The remaining pits are shown at various stages, allowing to show all the details of their design. In the next phase, the resulting model was combined with specially prepared representations of materials, giving the reconstruction a more realistic feel. The last step to obtain a three-dimensional visualization of the brewery was taking the appropriate shots - from several points of view.

"For centuries, beer was primary and major food product for Egyptians. The oldest record that mentions beer is a list of grave goods found on the stele in the tomb of the third dynasty belonging to Sekherhabau - almost five thousand years old, and thanks to our excavations, we know that the tradition goes back even further into the history of Egypt" - added Rosińska-Balik.

The oldest previously found brewery is also located in Egypt, at the site Hieraconpolis, and it is connected to the Nagada culture. Breweries discovered by Polish archaeologists had been used by the local population, called by archaeologists the Lower Egyptian culture. This is the first brewing structures found to belong to this community.

The site of Tell el-Farcha has been studied for fifteen years by the Polish expedition to the Eastern Nile Delta, led by Prof. Krzysztof Ciałowicz of the Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University, and Dr. Marek Chłodnicki of the Archaeological Museum in Poznań. The settlement functioned in this place for nearly 1000 years (ca. 3700 - 2700 BC). First it was a strong centre of local Lower Egyptian culture, then an important centre of power during the formation of unified Egyptian state. The most valuable finds of Polish archaeologists include golden statues of a ruler and his son, temple deposit of high quality human figures made of ivory, cylindrical seals, items made of bone, stone, flint, copper and gold.

PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland,396547,one-of-the-worlds-oldest-breweries-reconstructed.html

Monday, August 5, 2013

RIP Art Donovan

ArtThe sports world was saddened this morning with the passing of football legend from the glory days of Football– Art Donovan.

A tough DT from the Baltimore Colts, one could easily get lost in his accolades -

  • WW2 US Marine Veteran (1942-1946)
  • Played 12 seasons, 138 games
  • Five-time consecutive Pro Bowl Selection (1953-1957)
  • Four-time consecutive first-team All-Pro (1954-1957)
  • First Colt to enter Pro Football Hall of Fame (1968)
  • Part of 1958, 1959 NFL champion Baltimore Colts
  • Began NFL play with Baltimore as a 26-year-old rookie (1950)
  • U.S. Marine Corps Sports Hall of Fame (2004)

When my son made the Columbia Colts and asked for #70 – I personally found it very fitting.  While the number was lost on him (those kids today) – I knew my son, and to say he reminded me a bit of the "Ol Bulldog” was an understatement.

Now – whenever I see that framed #70 Colts Jersey in his room….it has extra meaning.

Of course, us being SmokesAndBooze – it is only fitting to close with this famous quote:

"I told my wife that if she didn't bury me with a case of Schliz in the coffin, I was going to come back and haunt her." ~ Art Donovan

RIP Art – If I can find one…I’ll drink a Schliz for you tonight.

Root beer Float Day and Wounded Warrior

It’s no secret that I am a big supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project (HERE for example)

So when I saw this press release from A&W – I had to repost.  Its also one of the few times (other than MayTheFourth) that J.P. can get involved here at SmokesAndBooze.

All seriousness aside, this is a fantastic gesture by A&W Root beer – and I applaud them for doing this.

Cheers - 

A&W Rootbeer Press Release -

National root beer float day, supporting the wounded warrior project®

As National Root Beer Float Day approaches, we want to honor our company's roots by continuing to provide support in the homecoming of our service members. So we ask you to join us on August 6th as we celebrate National Root Beer Float Day at A&W Restaurants across the U.S.

Stop in to your local A&W anytime between 2 p.m. and store closing (times will vary) for a FREE small A&W Root Beer Float*. As a part of the celebration, we will be collecting donations to honor and empower wounded warriors across the country through Wounded Warrior Project.


Friday, July 26, 2013

What does Frozen Beer Foam look like?

What happens when you cross those crazy Japanese with Beer and Baseball?

You have Kirin Brewery developing Beer Foam – an attempt to freeze the foam to keep beer colder longer.

The folks over at tried it at Dodger Stadium (click on the hyperlink for more photos and their opinions) – but I myself have reservations (aside from the certain cost mark up, and the fact that it is Kirin Beer).

  • The foam tastes like nothing (according to Food Beast).  So it only has a one purpose.
  • This is going to add further wait time to the already long lines, as the they have to do the DQ Swirl on the top of the beer. This might be expedited (and appears so) by the beer being pre-poured – but that means the beer has been sitting around getting flat.  So we lose carbonation to keep our beer cold?
  • Did I mention it was Kirin Beer – unless they are serving Sushi at the ballpark…it just doesn't seem right.
  • Somewhat tied to the long lines mentioned above, but I view this as a marketing gimmick.  So everyone will want to try it and the wait goes on.

Finally, if it really takes you 30 minutes to drink a beer…you probably shouldn’t be drinking it in the first place.

What do you think?  Good Idea?  Pour Execution (pun intended)?  Just enjoy the game?  Your feedback is always appreciated, and never deleted.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Walking Dead and Beer

If you are like me – you love The Walking Dead.  Be it the comic – or the AMC variant….it is one of the best shows on TV (the other being Game of Thrones).

I do have some complaints though – first, the show started to bog down – and they spending to much time in the prison.  The Governor wasn’t maniacal enough…..and Karl is just a whiney punk.  My main bone of contention though….not enough smoking and drinking.  I get it, you wouldn’t get drunk because it could impair you ability to fight walkers…..but canned/bottled beer would be an excellent source of nutrients and clean water.  In a survival situation, booze would be excellent barter material…and the shows producers seem to be ignoring that.


Enter the new FOUR MINUTE trailer for the upcoming season.  My critical eye caught some SweetWater Brewing Company IPA in cases.  This is great attention to detail, since that is a local Atlanta beer.  Congrats to them on the product placement…..and hopefully this season really kicks up.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

The most disgusting cocktail EVER

There are some drinks even I wont try…..allow me to introduce….

The Smokers Cough -

  • 2oz of Jagermeister
  • One packet of Mayo

Smokers Cough

Friday, July 12, 2013

Samuel Adams Beer- Dropping Deity from Beer

AdamsI am truly torn on this one – and this could be a firebrand for many of my friends (going either way as well).  

Below is an article from The Blacksphere (yes – I do read this blog and follow on Facebook).  I paste it in it’s entirety because it also includes a response from Samuel Adams (and a retort from Ms. Gerwing – which I find fitting) – but please, visit their site as well….they have some great political takes on many subjects as well.

Ok, now – Why am I torn. 

I have been a huge supporter of Samuel Adams – long before I saw Beer Wars and understood what an uphill battle they have undertaken.  In fact, I can say that Sam Adams is one of the beers I cut my teeth on (so to speak) back in 1987 at Ft Devens Mass.

I have loved how they have thumbed their noses at “Big Beer” and InBev along the way, basically starting the Craft Brewing Industry. 

I respect that they can have their own opinion.

HOWEVER – What they are tampering with is a historical document, regardless off the content.

In a recent advertisement (ran over the 4th of July Weekend) – they quoted the Declaration of Independence as saying:

“All men are created equal. They are endowed with certain unalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Instead of an actual quote being:

“All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The reason for this omission is addressed below, and it is this omission that has a lot of people upset.

Imagine if the Gettysburg Address was quoted as -

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty.

Omitting - “and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

Or if the “I have a Dream” speech was stated as -

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged”

Leaving out  - “by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Samuel Adams (of whom the Beer Company takes its name) was raised in a religious household (John Adams was a Deacon) – yet he wrote of tolerance of other religions.  I am sure he had an influence (along with many others) on in inclusion of deity – but done so in a manner to be inclusive of as many sects as possible.

In fact, the only use of the word “God” in the Declaration of Independence is -

“…the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them”

Deity is referred a few other times – but again, with the more neutral “Creator”  and “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence”.  This is the beauty of how our Founding Father’s framed the wording.  They tried to be all inclusive, yet as direct as possible.  It is an excellent document, that is very relevant today – I suggest everyone read it (HERE). Declaration

I realize, many people out there are Atheists, Deists, Tree huggers and such.  Many of you know me, and know I honestly try to respect that. I have my own beliefs as well, to which I find the exclusion of the aforementioned wording offensive.  But equally as much, I find the tampering with the wording of one of the most important documents in our history almost as equally so. 

To do so at the advice of the Beer Institute (coincidentally, Alby has sent me something from them yesterday – and I had actually read their guidelines) and taking a stance such as this, in an industry with such beer names as:

  • Duclaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus
  • Evil Twin’ Even More Jesus
  • Cathedral Square’s Holy Moly
  • Cathedral Square’s Repent Rye
  • Cathedral Square’s  Hail Mary
  • ect…

This seems like cherry picking and cowing to a standard set by others, instead of just following your core beliefs….or even the beliefs of the man to which your company is named.

I’m not calling for anyone to quit drinking Samuel Adams Beer.  That is your own personal choice – a choice that was set in motion by the exact same document that they chose to edit.  Me personally, there are way more beers in the world to try…..Sorry Mr. Koch – I won’t be looking back.

Samuel Adams Beer Ejects God from the Declaration of Independence

Last week, while patriotic BlackAmericans celebrated the 237th birthday of our nation’s founding, Samuel Adams Beer commemorated Independence Day by brazenly undermining the very documents upon which our nation was founded.

A television ad, which ran over the Fourth of July weekend, depicts an eighteenth century tavern barkeep citing the Declaration of Independence saying:

“All men are created equal. They are endowed with certain unalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It didn’t take long for Samuel Adams’ Facebook page and Twitter feed to light up with protests from Americans who noticed the small but very significant omission of “by their Creator,” from the beer company’s rendition of the Declaration.

In response to a heated email that I swiftly sent off to the Vice President of Marketing at Samuel Adams, I received this response:

Thank you for your message about our recent TV ad and our use of some words from the Declaration of Independence, without the phrase “by our Creator.” We apologize that the omission offended you. That was never our intent. As you may already know, we adhere to an advertising code, established by the Beer Institute – a beer industry trade organization. The code states, “Beer advertising and marketing materials should not include religion or religious themes.” We agree with that, and follow those guidelines in our advertising and responsibly marketing our products.
Michelle Sullivan
Senior Director of External Relations
Boston Beer Company

Apparently we are to accept the fact that the industry guidelines set by the Beer Industry trump the principles set forth in America’s founding documents? You know, those same founding documents that helped create the free market environment under which Samuel Adams Beer can enterprise and thrive?

It seems that Samuel Adams Relations Executive wants to dismiss this “adherence to guidelines” as a trivial matter. But for those Americans who have been watching the slow and steady devolution of our individual rights by an ever-expanding government, this omission is not insignificant.

If Samuel Adams Beer is going to market and sell beer evoking the name of perhaps our most religious founding father, then maybe they should brush up on their American History.

In the meantime, I penned this response to Ms. Sullivan:

Dear Ms. Sullivan,
Thank you for your prompt response. It’s unfortunate that Samuel Adams Beer and the Beer Industry categorize the Declaration of Independence as a “religious” document. Out of respect for the policies set forth by the Beer Industry, I can no longer in good conscience purchase your product. You see, the currency I use clearly states “in God we trust,” which is a clear violation of your industry standards.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Star Wars Cantina Karaoke – w/ Lando

I guess the only real question – do they serve Colt .45 in the Mos Eisley Cantina?

Landship Beer – Commemorating the Tank

I’ve always loved tanks.  From the time I was a kid, watching old war movies, to being a member of 1st AD during the Cold and Gulf Wars, and even of late whenever I played Warhammer 40K….something about the tank always enticed me.

So when ChowIsTheDevil sent over a submission today, I was excited at the thought of a beer that commemorates the  100th Anniversary for the beginning of the First World War, and advent of tanks to be used in it.


Beer to mark Tank Centenary -
Crafted by the local Dorset Brewing Company, ‘Landship’ is a pale gold, clean tasting, medium bodied ale. The bottle is emblazoned with images of the majestic Mark IV tank, which first saw action in the Battle of Messines Ridge in 1917, further adding to this historic brew.

Unveiled just in time for TANKFEST, ‘Landship’ is now available to buy from The Tank Museum gift shop, price £3.50 per bottle.  So why not sample the full flavor of History and celebrate being “tanked up for a century”?

Sadly, even though I will be in the UK later this month, I won’t be in the are of the Tank Museum or Dorset.  But, if anyone is willing to pick me up a bottle or two – I would be happy to cover costs.  Email me at – and of course, “Iron Soldier!”

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bruce Lee and Johnnie Walker

I love the Johnnie Walker “Still Walking” Commercial (you can see it HERE).  First it is one the best “Long Shots” in media….done without pause by one of my favorite actors – Robert Carlyle.

So huge Kudos to DannyF for sending over a commercial from Japan – featuring the late GREAT Bruce Lee.

Johnnie Walker and Bruce Lee?  I never thought I would type those names in the same sentence….but it works.   Much like the commercial.

This one goes a little more cerebral –   But then again, would you expect anything less from the Dragon?  I might actually share it with JAM_Bell as a motivational video.

Here it is in all it’s subtitled glory….and thanks DannyF.  Keep posting.

Cheers -

Monday, July 8, 2013

Scotch Flavored Condoms

You know, there are bizarre items – and then there are things like this, that the internet was totally invented for.  Thanks Donnie for sending this pick over.

Now I don’t want to sound sexist – but I don't know many women that enjoy Scotch Whisky.  Especially cheap Scotch with a latex aftertaste. So, I am not sure what who the “Target Market” is, but I did a little more research.

“McCondoms” apparently can be purchased in gift shops throughout Scotland – although the price appears to be marked up.

If you are the serious connoisseur – and a bit frugal, you can by them in bulk for Heritage of Scotland – There they can be purchased for £1.24 vs the apparent £2.75 listed above.


Here is the direct link to the item -,649,cid,243038,product.php#.UdrNNW0pk1I

It appears that this is the only online outlet for them – and I can find nothing about the manufacturer.  Perhaps the good people at Heritage can answer a few questions – or point me in the right direction (feel free to email me at 

If anyone wants to review them and report back – I would love to “print” it here on the site. 

Cheers -

Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Day in History – July 7th, 1940

Happy Birthday to our favorite Drunk Beatle – The one, the only….Mr. Ringo Starr.  He’s a man that has had the same article listed about on our blog TWICE (HERE and HERE).


Rare WW1 3D Photos

Thanks to io9 for posting about these pictures.  You can go over to their site to read the back-story, but I lifted one of them – Four (although I count five) soldiers looking at the camera.

I cannot imagine the horror of trench warfare during WW1, but this picture does bring it to life – as these men get a brief respite, and what do two of them do?  Fire up the pipe.

You can click the picture to be taken to the 3D version

Enjoy -


Friday, July 5, 2013

The Worlds Coolest Turtle

Every time I talk about an article from The Sun, I know I get some eye rolls from my buddy Rophic – usually followed by “But its the SUN”.

Well today buddy, I am proving to you, that they ARE actually journalists and are on the cutting edge of news.

I present to you……The Worlds Coolest Turtle. Turtle

Not only does the Turtle (the article fails to mention its name) have a TEN cigarette a day habit – but his owner is to scared to wean him off himself, and is looking for help.   Throw in the owner is named Tang and the obligatory sophomoric snicker at fag butt and this is probably the best article I have seen there.

For more pictures and the complete story – follow the link.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating the 4th of July through the Beer, Liquor and Cigar Industries.

If you do not follow Smokes and Booze on Facebook (and why don’t you…its an easy “Like” right HERE), I wanted to share a project I started early this morning.

Every time I saw someone from the Beer, Liquor or Cigar industry put up something commemorating the 4th of July, I shared it on my page.

I did this for a few reasons – First, some of their ads are actually really good – and I wanted my friends to see them.

Secondly, out of appreciation for their love of our country….I wanted to give them a little “Air Time”.  I can honestly say I back every product below but 1 (TGIF)…so, if you even on the fence about any one of them – they have my endorsement.

Of course, I had to kick it off with one – so I chose Bulleit Bourbon, for my buddy Alby.  Here’s to You old Man….Happy Independence Day.

Cheers -




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