Thursday, July 11, 2013

Landship Beer – Commemorating the Tank

I’ve always loved tanks.  From the time I was a kid, watching old war movies, to being a member of 1st AD during the Cold and Gulf Wars, and even of late whenever I played Warhammer 40K….something about the tank always enticed me.

So when ChowIsTheDevil sent over a submission today, I was excited at the thought of a beer that commemorates the  100th Anniversary for the beginning of the First World War, and advent of tanks to be used in it.


Beer to mark Tank Centenary -
Crafted by the local Dorset Brewing Company, ‘Landship’ is a pale gold, clean tasting, medium bodied ale. The bottle is emblazoned with images of the majestic Mark IV tank, which first saw action in the Battle of Messines Ridge in 1917, further adding to this historic brew.

Unveiled just in time for TANKFEST, ‘Landship’ is now available to buy from The Tank Museum gift shop, price £3.50 per bottle.  So why not sample the full flavor of History and celebrate being “tanked up for a century”?

Sadly, even though I will be in the UK later this month, I won’t be in the are of the Tank Museum or Dorset.  But, if anyone is willing to pick me up a bottle or two – I would be happy to cover costs.  Email me at – and of course, “Iron Soldier!”

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