Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Walking Dead and Beer

If you are like me – you love The Walking Dead.  Be it the comic – or the AMC variant….it is one of the best shows on TV (the other being Game of Thrones).

I do have some complaints though – first, the show started to bog down – and they spending to much time in the prison.  The Governor wasn’t maniacal enough…..and Karl is just a whiney punk.  My main bone of contention though….not enough smoking and drinking.  I get it, you wouldn’t get drunk because it could impair you ability to fight walkers…..but canned/bottled beer would be an excellent source of nutrients and clean water.  In a survival situation, booze would be excellent barter material…and the shows producers seem to be ignoring that.


Enter the new FOUR MINUTE trailer for the upcoming season.  My critical eye caught some SweetWater Brewing Company IPA in cases.  This is great attention to detail, since that is a local Atlanta beer.  Congrats to them on the product placement…..and hopefully this season really kicks up.


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