Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ok, now THIS made me laugh: The Tampon Flask

Ok, over the last few hours, this has gone viral- I share it with you, and let you consume it (pun intended) without comment.  You, however, can read my research after the jump-


Ok – now that we have had our laugh, I totally get why this is needed.  So many times we are shaken down by the TSA or Rent-A-Cops at the various security checkpoints throughout America.   This is ingenous and I had to know….is it just a “Gag Gift”

Well, as it turns out….They are REAL, and the fine folks at not only have these, but two other products – the Sun Shot Bottle and the Boobie Bag.


There is so much AWSOME there – you just have to check it out. 

Great Job Guys and I wish you TONS of luck


  1. THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD REVIEW!!! This is awesome. We are the inventors and owners of this patent product. We have 'willingly tested" our products everywhere. Cruises, festivals, sporting events, amusement parks, beaches, dry weddings and they work!!! Enjoy the 4th and don't forget your sunscreen flask. Smuggle on!

  2. Who the heck wants to be seen taking a swig from a TAMPON?

  3. I blame Smokes And Booze

    TX Police Force Women to Throw Out Tampons to Enter Senate Gallery

  4. Its all my fault - I tipped off the fuzz


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