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Drinking vs Watching Golf

Swimming in Beer?

Following up on a FB conversation with Alby – Can you say Austrian Road Trip?

Starkenberger Beer Resort

For beer lovers this is one of only a few places in the world where they can truly, literally, immerse themselves in beer. At the Austrian Starkenberger resort they offer a complete beer-centered experience with beer trivia, beer history and of course, beer drinking.

However, the most unique element of the resort is the "world’s only beer-swimming-pools," seven 13 foot pools of warm beer, each containing some 42,000 pints where one can sit and bathe and relax fully immersed in beer. Rich in vitamins and calcium it is said that sitting in the beer is good for the skin, and helps cure open wounds and psoriasis.

Drinking from the pool is ill advised.

Beer Pool

Ya Wanna Know Somethin?

Little Kid

And no – this isnt James

Beer and Cake

I like Beer

I like Cake

Why is this combination so often ignored?  Not anymore -

Beer and Cake Pairings

Red Velvet & Shmaltz Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner: Though it bears a reddish hue, most of this cake’s flavor comes from cocoa powder; when topped with rich buttercream, it’s dangerously sweet. Bring some bite to each mouthful with this rye pilsner: The beer’s mellow graininess infuses the cake’s fluffy texture while the spicy rye ratchets down some of the sweetness.

Coconut & Maui Coconut Porter: While this beer’s coconut notes connect it to the coconut-flecked cake, the porter’s gentle roast is what really shines: The dark bristles counter the cake’s supersweetness.

Carrot & Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne: Sweet, earthy carrots set the stage for pretty spices like nutmeg and cinnamon; a Flanders red brings complementary raisin flavor and lighthearted tartness to the bite, cutting through the übersweet frosting and allowing the other cake flavors to express completely.

Lemon Chiffon & New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat: Sharp lemon flavors are the hallmark of this ethereal treat topped with white whipped frosting. A sunny summer wheat beer easily adopts the cake’s lemon zest (like a lemon on the glass), while its effervescence tidies up each sugary mouthful.

Cheesecake & Van Steenberge Cherish Raspberry Lambic: Put a new twist on this creamy dessert by replacing a sugary fruit drizzle with a tart, fruit-forward beer like Cherish Raspberry Lambic. Together, the flavors are a dead ringer for the sweet-and-sour sumptuousness of the traditional cake-plus-fruit.

Strawberry Shortcake & Huyghe Früli: Have an all-out fruit frenzy with strawberry shortcake and this popular Belgian strawberry beer. While the strawberry flavors amp each other up, the beer’s solid bready backbone keeps the white cake flavor in the game.

Vanilla Cake with White Frosting & Lakefront IBA: Tote this black IPA to your next kiddie birthday party; that staid white-on-white cake could use a little darkness. A Black IPA brings fun stuff to the sugarfest, like sharp grapefruit flavor, chocolate and a roasted kick that cleans up the party.

Black Forest & Spezial Rauchbier: This rich chocolate cake gets its heavenly flavor from layers of gooey cherry and whipped cream. A rauchbier’s smoky wisps add an intriguing fourth dimension to the bite, while its light woody tannins draw out the sour-sweet cherry.

Tres Leches & North Coast PranQster: Spongy, vanilla-laden Tres Leches cake gets a triple soak in condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream; this Belgian-style golden ale has enough malt heft to match the milky sweetness, while its bright lemon and lively carbonation bring lightness to the cake.

Chocolate & Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro: Milk Stout Nitro’s sweet lactic tang and deep roast works wonders in concert with the identically sweet and bitter chocolate cake. Plus, the beer’s uncommonly silky (that’s the nitro part), which means this treat will linger on your tongue practically forever.

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Is Five Wives really offensive?

I’m not Mormon, but I do have friends who are and I honestly would love their feedback here, as I honestly do not find this labeling offensive.

What are we talking about?  Five Wives Vodka.

From Ogden’s Own Distillery (in Ogden Utah), Five Wives Vodka is column distilled from wheat, corn and water from Ogden Canyon.  It is a true Utah product.  So much so, it was listed by City Weekly as one of the “Best of Utah”.


This should be something to be proud of.

Notice, nowhere on the label (or their website) does it say anything about Mormonism (aside from the assumption with the name Five Wives) and is actually pretty unassuming.

Five Wives


That is why I do not understand the comments of Mr. Jeff Anderson.  See below -

Idaho: Five Wives Vodka offensive to residents

Idaho State Liquor Division administrator Jeff Anderson said the brand is offensive to Mormons who make up over a quarter of Idaho's population.

Regulators in Idaho notified Elite Spirits Distributor that the brand's concept is "offensive to a prominent segment of our population and will not be carried," according to a letter sent Thursday.

"The bottom line is, we represent everybody," Anderson added Tuesday. "It's masterful marketing on their part. But it doesn't play here."

Anderson said state stores already make hundreds of vodka brands available for sale and don't have room for another brand priced at around $20 a bottle.

More on the story can be found HERE ….

Again, I defer to Brett and Jeff regarding this being a problem for Mormons (both of whom have seen me more than 3 sheets to the wind), but what burns my butt is this statement -

Anderson said state stores already make hundreds of vodka brands available for sale and don't have room for another brand priced at around $20 a bottle.

So, Idaho has enough Vodka… they do not need another bottle in that price range?  The Government is regulating and opining what should be stocked, what should be a business owners decision to carry and a consumers decision to buy?  This is ridiculous.

I don’t care if its Five Wives Vodka, Ale Mary’s Beer or Mohamed’s Mescal (something that I am going to invent) – if you find it offensive, don’t buy it.

Great looking Wine Bottles

I really wish I had seen these for Memorial Day.  Hell, I want to buy a few bottles right now for friends.

Great Job to Collegiate Awards in Columbia MO – they look awesome.

Click to embiggen-


New App–The iBeer

Better Drinking through Science

I’ve been saying this for a long time – but the type of glass you drink your drink in DOES make a difference.

Now I have science to back it up-

Irish mathematicians explain why Guinness bubbles sink

Why do the bubbles in a glass of stout beer such as Guinness sink while the beer is settling, even though the bubbles are lighter than the surrounding liquid?

That’s been a puzzling question until now, as a team of mathematicians from the University of Limerick has shown that the sinking bubbles result from the shape of a pint glass, which narrows downwards and causes a circulation pattern that drives both fluid and bubbles downwards at the wall of the glass.

So it’s not just the bubbles themselves that are sinking (in fact, they're still trying to rise), but the entire fluid is sinking and pulling the bubbles down with it.

Read more about this from the source article HERE


Best Bartender Ever???


Meet Alexander Shtifanov, appearing on Україна має талант (Ukraine's Got Talent).

While I admit he is an good juggler, I think think calling him the best Bartender is a bit of a stretch. 

I’ve gone on record before, regarding TGIF and World Bartending Champion and how it is not real bartending.

It’s a show – hands down.

If I walked into a bar, and had to wait this long for a drink, I would have walked right back out.

I love America’s Got Talent, and other talent type shows, but I have noticed that certain “Act Recipes” from other countries have started creeping in (kid performers, crying/”Getting Goosies” and dance teams) – already Finland had a winner(s) who were Flair Bartenders in 2011, and now we have this.

Pretty Please Sharon, Howie and (most importantly) Howard – if a Flair Bartender comes on the show…….call him a juggler and send him on his way……preferably not to Vegas.

Daily Double of This Day in History–May 30th

I think this is the first time we had a Double “This Day in History” and both involve nights of drinking.

The first has an interesting back story (I suggest you follow the link to Wikipedia on Mr. Marlowe) and the second is just funny – and also the bases of my own wake……I’m counting on you Alby.

Cheers -

May 30 1593

After a night of drinking, Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe (influencer of Shakespeare) is killed in the boarding house of Eleanor Bull. The official determination is that Ingram Frizer stabbed Marlowe in the head while they were fighting over the bill – now famously known as “The Reckoning”



May 30 1942

Returning home from a night of drinking and reminiscing about the recent death of John Barrymore (left), movie star Errol Flynn (right) flips on the lights and is horrified to discover Barrymore's corpse propped up in a living room chair. Some of Flynn's friends had given a funeral director $200 to borrow the body for a couple of hours.


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Don’t Drink Alcohol in Iran

Tuesday Quick Hits

Normally we use this as a Monday regular, but yesterday I wanted to focus on Memorial Day – and stuck with a Military Theme.

To start the Tuesday – We have a submission from Alby on 13 Ways to Smuggle Booze. Now I am getting a bit old to be smuggling booze into places (usually a Hip Flask does just fine), but I really did enjoy The Wine Rack (video below) for ONLY $29.95 -


Next up, we have Illinois passing an additional $1 a pack cigarette tax.  I’ve gone on record before as to why I am against sin taxes – but I will do so again…..where will it stop?  We continue to raise taxes on questionable behavior, and use those funds to prop up failing social programs (in this case Health Care).  If these taxes really were a deterrent (as claimed) then what happens to the house of cards when everyone quits?  Face it….it’s a money grab, one that Missouri is talking about doing too.  What’s next?  Twinkie Tax to combat obesity?CNN

On a lighter side, how about CNN proving why they are the “World Wide Leaders in News”…….not.  In the article entitled - Divine wines for grilled burgers, steaks, chicken and seafood, we see a glass that sure doesn’t look like it is filled with wine – HOPEFULLY it is beer.

Another story I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to, is a review I did of Hot Ass Pineapple BBQ Sauce.  This product is produced by a friend of my from back in the Army.  It is great sauce and I highly recommend it.  Check it out HERESpike Vodka

How about a Vodka made from Cactus – called Spike?  Here is story on KLTV.   I really really really want a bottle of this.  Hopefully they will either send me a sample or it will make an appearance here in Missouri sometime soon.  If nothing else, maybe some of my TX friends can write a review (looking at you Sharron)

Finally, a bit of trivia.  Who remembers the demon voice in The Exorcist?  From YeahTV -  To get the tone right, radio actress Mercedes McCambridge chain-smoked, gargled raw egg, and washed it down with whiskey. They added in some animal sounds too.  I leave you with that thought -

Ashland Pizza and Pub Review

I love living in a small town.  In particular, I love the people.  They are friendly and they actually seem to care about you.

AshlandThis was proven the other night, when Debi and I stopped by Ashland Pizza and Pub (APP) for a something to eat and a drink.

First off, Ashland Pizza and Pub is fairly new and has been on my agenda to review for some time now.

With the addition of APP – this brings the number of Pizza Joints in Ashland to three, of which – only one delivers (Pizza Hut, where you cannot get beer).  The other is Pizza Haus, a well established (but different style of Pizza, with no taps) restaurant that seems to have been in Ashland forever.

APP has been started by the former owner of Home Movie Depot, and appears to be following the Shakespeare's Model from Columbia, right down to giving the kids pizza dough to play with.

The Pizza is handmade, right in front of you –and again mimics Shakespeare's with the Toppings Selection.  What I like about that, is I can get Artichokes on my pizza, something my wife introduced me to 10 years ago when I came to Columbia.

Pizza comes in three sizes, and there are two unique things they do do different.

  • During the workday, you can get Pizza by the slice (for $3) that is premade and ready to go.
  • Kids Dessert Pizza during the week. 

Both of these are welcome additions and well received.

The Atmosphere is fairly laid back, with both, table and bar seating.  3 Flat Screens and a large projection can put up four different events at a time, so this should be really good come football season.  There is also a stage, where they have live music sometimes on Friday Nights.  I haven’t attended, but I’ve heard it is good.  Finally, while you cannot smoke inside - there is a smoking section/covered patio in back, conveniently located next to the bar.

Which brings us to the most important part of the establishment (to me at least) – The Bar.APP

Beer is available by bottle when you purchase your Pizza at all times, but the bar is only opened Thursday through Sunday, which is sad.  Not because they have anything amazing on draft, but (especially with the recent addition of pitchers) it would be nice to have a draft beer with your pizza.

The beer is standard InBev fare, typical of Mid-Missouri.  They do have New Castle on Draft, but 5 Day IPA in Bottle.  There is even discussion to include some of the Rock Bridge Brewery Beers into the lineup – definitely something to change things up.

What makes the bar really nice, is the barman – John.  Friendly, engaging and knowledgeable about beer – I find him fun to to talk to, and he is definitely in his element.  Quick to fill the glass, John really impressed a couple of times recently.  First, when I left a deck of cards and a notebook at the bar, he set them aside until the next time I was in.  Secondly, he seems to have a great memory of clientele, and recalls that I drink New Castle.  Both of these are great signs of customer service, and it’s the little things like that that keep me coming back. 

This brings me back to where I started on this review – liking a small town. 

Guaranteed, we cannot go in there without running into someone we know- which is cool, because then it turns into a social event.  James sees his friends, we get to catch up on local gossip and everyone has a good time.

I thought we were going to escape this last Sunday, when two of John’s friends (and their Daughter) stopped by. 

Introduced as Christie and Katie – they had just spent the weekend camping and riding the Katie Trail.  We laughed and talked for awhile and at some point it came up I was a blogger.  Immediately, both ladies knew who I was, knew the blog and even remembered the post (Bull Rock Brewery) that brought them to us.

All of this amused Debi to no end…as she made fun of my “Groupies” – even in little ol’ Ashland MO, population 3700+.  A place where friendly faces greet you at door, and you never never know who you will meet or friendships you will make.

APP fits in nicely in this environment, and successfully fills a niche here in town. 

  • Delivery – Pizza Hut (last resort)
  • Takeout – Pizza Haus (Debi’s favorite)
  • Sit Down and Socialize over Pizza and Beer- APP

Great new business, and definitely worth stopping by if you are IPApassing through Ashland.

Finally – for Christie and Katie.

I know we were talking about Rip Van Winkle, from Weston Brewing Company, but you might want to keep an eye out for their O’Malley’s  IPA as well.

In addition, we were talking about the distillery there – McCormick Distilling Co, producers of 360 Vodka and other products.

Cheers -

Ashland Pizza and Pub on Urbanspoon

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A Beer for the Fallen

I’ve run this once before – but its fitting to do so again - A beer for the fallen

Taps at Arlington

A WWI Vets Thought When Returning Home

Memorial Day 3

Thanks Alby

Memorial Day Monday Quick Hits

To keep the Memorial Day rolling, I thought I would do a special post, focusing on Veterans and our Fallen Heroes.

So, before we get to far into this - How about taking a moment to visit Honor the Fallen , a site honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

Thank You.

Now, Bud3I know I can be pretty critical of Anheuser Busch and InBev.  Just last night I tried Budweiser Platinum – and I cannot even print my thoughts.  BUT, I do give credit where credit is due – and I really respect their Walk Off a Hero Program and their donations to the Folds of Honor Foundation. To date, this program has donated over $300K and the season isn't over yet.  Well Played Sir – Well Played.

Budweiser is continuing their 100+ year commitment to the brave men and women of the U.S. armed forces by again partnering with the Folds of Honor Foundation to honor the sacrifices of the fallen and support their families through scholarships and other opportunities. Budweiser is dedicating the 2012 baseball season to recognizing their sacrifices through the Walk-Off A Hero program; for every walk-off win, Budweiser will donate $5,000 to Folds of Honor. Budweiser is also pleased to feature special patriotic cans and bottles available in stores this summer. Additionally, Budweiser will be donating a portion of sales 5/20 – 7/7 to FHF. These programs are all part of an effort to raise as much as $2.5 million. The partnership between FHF and Budweiser will significantly expand the mission of FHF to help these deserving military families.

Its no secret that I am a huge Notre Dame Fan. Not only do I love the football, but I also appreciate and respect the message that the University puts out. They really do cultivate high quality men and women – and a great example can be found in Brady Quinn. Brady has started the 3rd And Goal Foundation – an organization dedicated to helping Homeless Veterans in Indiana and Ohio. Being both a Hoosier (don’t snicker Alby) and a Veteran, I cannot overstate how grateful I am to him for this. But then again, this is what I would expect from the son of a Marine and graduate of Notre Dame. Now if we can just get him to update the video to say the Chiefs.


Who recalls my post about 50 Back, the beer that helps veterans?  Sadly, you still cannot get it in Missouri – but if I could, this would definitely become my Go-To beer.  HINT HINT HINT.


Back in 2010, I blogged about the Doolittle Raiders.  I even commented back then that it would have made a good Memorial Day Post, so I thought I would LINK back to today as a reminder of that great generation.  Sadly, only 5 of the Raiders are still with us, and I fear the day is coming when that bottle of Hennessey is finally opened.


In closing, I realize that Memorial Day is about honoring those who have have given that ultimate sacrifice to help keep our nation free, and that is why I opened this post with the link to Honor the Fallen.

But, I like to think that those who have died would like us to take care of the living as well – Their Comrades, Shipmates, Wingmen, Brothers and Sisters.  Which is why I posted about the three charities above.  Please consider donating if you can.  If you can’t, then just tell a Veteran “Thanks” – to most of us, that is enough.

Finally – In honor of Memorial Day, I think this picture says it all-

Memorial Day 2

Memorial Day 2012

memorial Day

Memorial Day. 

One of my favorite days of the year.

Not because it brings about a long weekend (although that is nice), Airshows, BBQ or just hanging with the family.

I enjoy Memorial Day for its true meaning – Remembering our  Fallen Heroes and the debt of gratitude I feel I owe them. 

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. By the 20th century Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died in all wars.

Please take a minute today to think about this.  Take politics out of the equation.  Forget being Conservative or Liberal.  Ignore your personal beliefs if War is right or wrong.  Just focus on the sacrifice that these Service Members gave……and remember.

In Honor of the Fallen -

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot Ass Pineapple Review

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, one of those holidays (along with 4th of July and Thanksgiving) where we Americans love to cook. 

For many, it is the time to finally dust off the grill for the Summer and burn some meat, for me – it was a great opportunity to test out some of the new sauces sent to me by my friend Sean.

You might recall, a few months ago I gave a plug to Mission Beach Spice and Sauce. Mission Beach

A friend of mine from the Army was raising money to start up his own BBQ Sauce business – and now it has come to fruition.

I know, normally we focus on Smoking and Drinking – but this time we are making an exception.Sauce

Sean sent me three bottles (and a cool shirt) to try – and I honestly can say…….I was impressed.

The jars come in 8oz size and have an attractive logos that are very eye catching.

I personally like spicy stuff.  Just like I like flavorful cigars and liquor – these sauces definitely have it all.

The first I tried was the Hot Ass Pineapple, where I decided to do up some chicken.


After trying the sauce prior to basting, I realized it would be a bit to spicy for my son (at this time, they don’t have a Sweet Ass Pineapple) – so the first thing I did was some chicken, mixed two spoonfuls of sauce and some crushed pineapples (with the juice) into a grill pan and let it simmer for 40 minutes.  This I put on a bed of white rice.  Great combination as the rice soaks up the sauce and takes on the flavor well.

The other dish I made was just plain grilled chicken breast, basted as it cooked. 

This is where I have a singular complaint about any of the products – the Pineapple Sauce is just a little bit chunky, so it doesn’t work well with a basting brush.  This appears to be due to the fibrous nature of the fruit – not the process they used to to make it.  Of course, this is east to get around (a spoon works fine) and if this is my only nitpick…..then we are really spitting hairs.

The flavor was excellent, even when thinned for the simmered chicken.  The sweetness of the Pineapple was not overshadowed by the flavor of jalapeno – yet there was a nice kick at the end.  The key here, remember that a little bit goes a long way.

I really liked this sauce, and can’t wait to try the other two (for the purpose of disclosure, I already have and loved them – but those reviews are coming later).  

If you like hot and spicy – or just want to help out a Veteran start a business…..head over to their Webstore and buy a bottle (or two). 

I give this product a solid Four out of Five and endorse them 100%


Great Job Sean.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guinness Recipes–BBQ Marinade

Head over to the Guinness Facebook Page for some interesting recipes. 

Here is an example of what you will find -



  • 200ml of Guinness reduced over heat to 50ml
  • 8 Fl oz of olive oil
  • 30grams crushed fresh ginger
  • 4 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 2 tbsp of chopped, thyme, rosemary, parsley and sage
  • 2 Fl oz of honey
  • Salt & fresh black pepper

Mix all in a bowl and use for all meats and fish before Barbecuing.See More

Guinness Burger

Happy Birthday Star Wars

Yes, I know it’s a day late – but for some reason I couldn’t upload Movie Posterpictures yesterday afternoon….but better late than never.

Anyway, I know everyone makes a big deal about May the 4th – and many think that is the actual birthday/anniversary of the Star Wars release.

Actually, Star Wars released on May 25, 1977 – and not long after, one of the strongest and best memories of my childhood happened.

For those of you to young to remember what it was like before the Multiplex Movie Theaters came around, you have no idea what it was like to see a movie back in the 70’s.  Most theaters had one or two screens – and if a popular movie was showing, it took over a box office. 

Star Wars became such a movie.

Lines 2

People literally lined up outside theaters and around the block to see this movie – even in Marion Indiana.   It was that ground breaking.

I vividly remember BEGGING my Dad to go see this movie after seeing the commercials.  I begged, pleaded and promised to do extra chores.

Happy Birthday 7Dad told me he would take me on Payday Friday right before my birthday the following Sunday. 

Since I considered this an Early Birthday Present (at turning 8), this made it even more exciting.

That Friday arrived, and as fate would have it – my brother Richard had a baseball game.  <Who here remembers the old Baseball Diamond next to (the Original) Joe and Peg’s in Mt. Etna?   Not many I am sure. > Of course, the game went into extra innings – and as the game progressed, it became more and more apparent that we were going to miss the movie.  I was traumatized.

After the game, we skipped the customary ice cream and loaded up into the car.  What transpired was a ride comparable to the Death Star Trench scene – With my dad breaking all kinds of speed records to get us into town for the movie.  Driving some of those back roads , I honestly remember (to this day) being thrown up in the air as he flew over hills.  It was exhilarating.

Happy Birthday 3However, I knew something was wrong when we arrived.  There was no line.  You see, the movie had already started. 

I honestly do not know how my Dad got us in.  I recall the Usher saying would couldn’t go in – and that we didn’t have time to get snacks.  Dad “Talked” to him (I suspect money changed hands) for a few seconds and then they took us in.  The theater was FULL.

There was no way two of us could sit together, let alone all four – so we had to sit as singles.  Dad sat me in a seat, told me not to move and that everything would be OK.

I could probably walk to the exact seat to this day (about halfway down, on the end) in the theater – it is burned so much into my mind.  Here I was - 7 years old, surrounded by strangers, taking in a movie that was so different than anything else I could ever experience.  To say it changed my life would be an understatement.

I missed the opening crawl and the initial space battle.  We got in just as C3-PO was saying “The shut down the main reactors”……but it didn’t matter, I was hooked.  To this day – THAT is when the movie starts for me, and sometimes I find tears in my eyes.

Driving home, my Dad didn’t ask what I thought of the movie – Happy Birthday 6probably because I wouldn’t shut up about it (I know – hard to believe I couldn’t be quiet…..I wonder where James got it from).

But I do remember him telling me he was sorry. 

You see, my Dad was upset that he broke a promise to me.  At this time, we didn’t know how important the Father/Son relationship would be to the storyline, but it was important to him.  To him, a Dad had to give 100% to his kids….he had to sacrifice and work hard to make our lives as enjoyable as possible.  To him, he felt like he let me down.  I hope he realized (or looks down now with a smile) that I actually grew up a little that day – even at 7.

Happy Birthday 1I learned to be independent and not be scared.  I learned that technology was cool – and this influenced my career choice, where some say they got into computers because of Scottie (from Star Trek), I wanted to be be Han Solo and manage tech from the seat of my pants (or with a smack to the side of the computer).  I learned that good does beat evil (most of the time) and that friendships (even passing ones) last forever.  But the biggest lesson I learned that day – That a father never breaks a promise to a son….no matter what. 

From a wide eyed 7 (soon to be 8) year old to a modern day 40 something – I can never tell my Dad how much I appreciated that weekend.

Happy Birthday Star Wars……and Thanks Dad.

Cheers - Happy Birthday 6

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Memorial Day Toast

In honor of Memorial Day – to all my Brother (and Sister) Soldiers, Airmen, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

"The girl and boy are bound by a kiss,
But there's never a bond, old friend like this:
We have drunk from the same canteen."
-General Charles G. Halpine


I wonder what Jenna Jameson Blew

ClintonInteresting news for the Porn Industry this morning – no, not the below story that Jenna Jameson was arrested under suspicion of DUI (Below), but instead – the photo shoot with Former President Clinton and two porn starlets.  Since we all know Bill likes a few cigars now and then, we give him two thumbs up.


Jenna Jameson Arrested for DUI

Jenna Jameson was arrested for suspicion of DUI early this morning ... TMZ has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the porn queen was involved in a single car accident at around 1:30 AM after her car struck a pole.
According to our sources, Jameson showed signs of possibly being under the influence of alcohol and was given a field sobriety test . We're told she was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor suspicion of DUI.
She is currently in custody and she will be cited and released.Jenna Jamison

So – commemorate, how about a Jenna Jameson Cocktail?

Jenna Jameson Recipe

  • 1oz Cherry Liquor
  • .5oz Cinnamon Schnapps
  • 1oz Cream
  • .5oz Irish Cream
  • 1oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

Mix all ingredients and serve over ice in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with a cherry. Cream can be substituted for by either half and half or milk.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creepy Dummies

I know I am a weird person – and I embrace it. 

Some things that others find off-putting, I laugh at or find entertaining.

Not long ago – I did find something rather disturbing (not S&B related however) called the Invisible Mother.  One of the few things that creeped me out in some time.

Well, Invizo-Mom has been unseated.

io9.Com ran a piece on Vintage Ventriloquism Portraits that take the cake.

Creepier than clowns, scarier than seeing your own Mom naked – this one will give you nightmares.  Go HERE for the “Fun:  I’ve included a taste for you below -

Sweet Dreams - Dummy1Dummy2Dummy3Dummy4












Ed Note- RetroNaut ran a similar series back in 2011, with many of the same pictures – The only S&B related that I culled from them was the last one – Jump on OVER HERE to see the rest. 

Johnnie Walker Review–All Four

We all know regular contributor -The Professor from MySideOfTheBar - Well here is an  excellent FOUR Whiskey Review of the Johnnie Walker line, where he blind tasted them against each other.

The Professor Side Note: I had to try this Scotch with a splash of water and what was excellent neat, was even better with a touch of water (could have used one cube of ice) The already great taste was even better.

What were the results of the blind tasting?  Here they are in Reverse Order -


Johnnie Walker Goldgold

  • Nose: Caramel and a little Smokey
  • Taste: Creamy and light
  • Finish: Very smooth

Overall: For the price (Avg. 74.00 USD) I would pass on this as a regular Scotch I would carry.

Side Note: The label stated this was good frozen so I gave it a try and found it thicker, smokier and smoother. However, my original overall evaluation stands.

Johnnie Walker RedRed

  • Nose: Very light hint of caramel and no smoke
  • Taste: Smoother than Gold on the tongue
  • Finish: Smooth

Overall: For the price (Avg. 20.00 USD) of Johnny Walker Red I would not hesitate to carry as one of my standard bar Scotch

Johnnie Walker Black

  • Nose: Very, very light on nose
  • Taste: Initially light and smooth
  • Finish: Smoothest of the four

Overall: For the price (30.00 USD) I would and do carry this Scotch regularly at MySideOfTheBar. A excellent tasting Scotch and great with a good Cigar.

Johnnie Walker Blueblue

  • Nose: Sweet almost to the point of fruity
  • Taste: Very light and mineral evident
  • Finish: Very light finish

Overall: What can I say for the cost (170.00 USD) this is and better be a very, very fine Scotch. I really enjoyed this and while the cost of carrying this Scotch for an everyday Scotch is a bit high I would not hesitate to purchase for special occasions.


The Professor

The Real James Bond does not like Heineken

Not only are we (the writers at S&B) upset about the James Bond giving up his traditional martini for Heineken in the upcoming movie Skyfall – but TMZ is also reporting (via the Huffington Post) that George Lazenby is against it as well- Bond1

James Bond Heineken Deal Frowned Upon By Former Bond George Lazenby

Excerpt - Lazenby, who played Bond in the 1969 film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," reportedly told TMZ that the deal was bad for many reasons, not the least being that Heineken isn't "the best beer out there."

He also added that the Bond filmmakers "go where the money is," something that current Bond star Daniel Craig would likely agree with.

I totally agree with Mr. Lazenby, but also in the Huffing post article – Daniel Craig raises an interesting counter point.

bOND 3"The great thing is that Bond is a drinker. He always has been. It’s part of who he is, and -- rightly or wrongly -- you can make your own judgment about it. Having a beer is no bad thing, in the movie it just happens to be Heineken."

So this leads us to wonder – what does Bond drink?

First off – It seems that in Champagne is really the drink of choice, appearing most in the movies. 

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog did some excellent research, of which I am lifting a little -

While Bollinger is most frequent in the movies-

Bollinger In Bond Films

  • Live and Let Die: Bollinger
  • Moonraker: Bollinger RD ’69
  • View to a Kill: Bollinger ’75
  • License to Kill: Bollinger RD ’75
  • The Living Daylights: Bollinger
  • Goldeneye: Bollinger Grande Année 1988
  • Tomorrow Never Dies: Bollinger Grande Année 1989
  • The World Is Not Enough: Bollinger Grande Année 1990
  • Die Another Day: Bollinger ’61
  • Casino Royale: Bollinger Grande Année 1990
  • Quantum of Solacee: Bollinger

The original character in Ian Fleming’s novels preferred Taittinger 

Cassino Royale “[1943 Taittinger] is probably the finest champagne in the world”

Meanwhile, here are other types of Champagne in Bond films

    • Dr. No: Dom Perignon ’55
    • From Russia with Love: Taittinger Blanc de Blanc
    • Goldfinger: Dom Perignon ’53
    • Thunderball: Dom Perignon ’55 (to accompany Beluga Caviar)
    • You Only Live Twice: Dom Perignon ’59,
    • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Dom Perignon ’57.
    • The Man With The Golden Gun: Dom Perignon ’64

Now that we have established Bond to be a Champagne drinker – what about everything else?

  • MBDDONO EC003Martini – Overall, Martini’s are James Bond’s 2nd favorite drink, but he doesn’t only focus on Vodka.  While in the movies, it is always so – throughout the novels, Bond has consumed roughly 19-20 Gin Martinis (my personal favorite) and on several occasions, it is defined strictly as a Martini – with no clarification.
  • Scotch and Soda – Sadly, this does not appear in any movie – but another fine drink (although I wish he would have drank it neat) over 20 times in the books.
  • Gin/Vodka and Tonic – In Dr. No, Bond consumed 4 Gin and Tonics, while in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – he drank Vodka Tonics with Bitters.
  • Americano - This is the first drink mentioned in Casino Royale, this cocktail was also appeared in  From a View to Kill.  Much like the rest of the drinks on the list, this was not included in the movies.
  • Old Fashioned – Again, only in the books, this staple was usually a ordered as a double in Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die and Thunderball
  • Stinger – A cocktail shared with Tiffany in the Diamonds are Forever novel, it was paired with coffee in Thunderball while drinking at the  Nassau Casino bar with Felix Leiter.  Not seen in movies
  • Mojito – An anomaly, this drink actually only appeared in the movie Die Another Day, but not the book.Bond 2
  • Black Velvet – Anything with Guinness cannot be bad – Appears in the book - Diamonds are Forever .
  • Negroni – This obscure gin drink appears in the short story Risicio.

In addition to the above, we have slight mentions of other cocktails throughout the books - Pink Gin, Mint Julep, Irish Coffee and Rum Collins.

What does this all mean?  Well, Daniel Craig is right in his assessment – Bond IS a drinker…..but in all the novels and movies, not once does it mention him drinking beer.

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