Thursday, April 5, 2012

Really? Bond giving up Martinis for Heineken?

As reported in the Independent “007 swaps his usual tipple for lager in the forthcoming 'Skyfall'”.

I remember a few years back, when Peter Jackson was RUMORED to be creating the LOTR trilogy.  One of stories going around was that Sam was going to be replaced by a woman.  This was to create a love interest for Frodo and insert a character that women could relate to.  In the end, the settled for taking the Arwen Character and totally rewriting her into the story (much to the movies detriment) and adding a little faux homosexual tension between Frodo and Sam.  In a lot of ways, especially the Liv Tyler parts, this almost makes the movies unwatchable.

I know you are saying – “He can’t be comparing two iconic characters to James Bond and a Drink”, but yes I am.

When you say a James Bond Quote – I am willing to bet it is one of two, “Bond, James Bond” or (more than likely) “Shaken, not stirred”. 

According to AMI, this is the #90 greatest movie quotes in 100 Years.

So to sell this out to a marketing campaign is just shameless.  I can just see their tagline now (like the stupid restaurant commercial) – Serenade your Date.


Next thing you know….George Lucas will have Greedo shoot first at Han Solo – errrr ummmm, forget I typed that.

Cut the BS – Send a protest to Heineken and keep James Bond drinking Martinis – it’s the right thing to do.

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