Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hot Sauce and Prairie Fires

A few month ago, a really good friend of mine told me he was starting a hot sauce company – little did I know, it would happen this quickly.

Enter Mission Beach Spice and Sauce

Now here we are – and they are few weeks away from actual product launch, but to tide us over- we have limited edition Batch 1 Shirts.


I love the logo – I love the name – I cannot wait to actually try the sauce.

Visit their page at mbspiceandsauce.com, give them a LIKE on Facebook HERE or at least give them a shout out on Twitter.

As an added bonus  (which plays directly into Smokes and Booze)there is a video on their YouTube Site where they use  Pickled Habaneros in their Prairie Fire Shots. 

Before you watch – Its loud, crass and totally NSFW (hopefully like the sauce).  Also, my question to Sean – Did you learn about those shots at Tivoli or the Goose?

I think I speak for all of my 501st Friends, and everyone here at S&B, when we wish you guys Good Luck. 

Can’t wait to try it.


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