Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Day in History- April 18th 1955

Nobel Prize recipient Albert Einstein dies in his hospital bed from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Seven hours later, his brain is plunked into a jar of formalin and taken away by the pathologist. It will remain missing for 23 years.

Often considered one of the greatest minds to exist – what did he think of smoking and drinking?

alberteinsteinFirst, with regards to smoking -He smoked cigar and pipe despite his wife Elsa and his doctors forbid him to smoke .

A life member of the Montreal Pipe Smokers Club, Einstein was quoted as saying:

"Pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment of human affairs."

A funny story tells of how he once fell into the water during a boating expedition but managed heroically to hold on to his pipe.

That’s dedication.

As for drinking, Albert Einstein  seldom consumed alcohol -If at all, a glass of wine or a little glass of cognac as served by hosts. Mostly he only sipped on the alcoholics served to him.

Despite this,  there is one known case, in which he was drunk.

In the summer of 1905 he wrote in a postcard to Conrad Habicht:

"Totally drunk unfortunately both of us under the table. ..."

This is meant to be Einstein and his first wife Mileva.

So – with all his “brains”, and knowing the dangers of smoking and drinking, Einstein still chose to partake and definitely enjoyed his tobacco.

So instead of a glass- Tonight….fire one up and think about a great man.

Smoke’m if you gottem.

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