Friday, April 6, 2012

1783–A Very Good Year (Highlander Ref)

I love the movie Highlander.  I remember reading a review for it in White Dwarf Magazine in 1986, but movies like that never made it to Marion Indiana back in the day. 

highlander_macleod_9843I finally got to watch it while stationed in Germany – and I have been consumed with it ever since.

Even with this being in the Top 25 movies of all time for me (nobody said anything about QUALITY), every now and then I notice a little tidbit that I hadn’t before.

This time, it’s 1783.

We are first introduced to 1783 when Conner McLeod visits Brenda’s apartment and breaks out a very old bottle of Brandy.  Sadly, I cannot find a video clip of this scene, so I have to resort to an Audio Clip and Transcript -

1783 Was A Very Good Year

Connor: Brandy. Bottled in 1783.

Brenda: Wow. That's old.

Connor: 1783 was a very good year. Mozart wrote his great mass. The Montgolfier brothers went up in their first balloon. And England recognized the independence of the united states.

Now I have always loved that scene – including the lead up where he is admiring the view.  I’ve even quoted it with MikeC at Sgt Prestons of the North in Lafayette IN more times than I can remember (sober).

What I never noticed was that the following scene – when McLeod meets his fellow immortal friend (Kastigir) and share a drink of Boom Boom in Central Park – they segway into the Duel on Boston Common Flashback – that also took place in 1783. (again, no clip available)

This makes me wonder – Did McLeod put back a stock of Brandy after surviving a duel where he didn’t lose his head?  Did this brush with mortality cause him to reflect, and thus recall all the details of that year?  I like to think so.

Finally, for your listening pleasure -


  1. You should listen to the commentary on the DVD. It is about inhaling the air from 1783 upon opening the bottle, and letting that trigger the flood of memories.

  2. Little change of losing your head with a stabbing weapon. So he was drunk having some fun with the bloated warthog's husband.


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