Thursday, April 26, 2012

J&D Cigar–Temptation Habano Claro 5x50 Review

We’ve always had a great relationship with J&D Cigars.  They sent us a sampler when the first started out, and we rather enjoyed them – which lead to THIS REVIEW.  Taking into consideration that the brand was fairly new – I was really happy with the product, and estactic when they contacted me to review the Temptation and Allure lines.

Since we had a really “Bad Tobacco Day” yesterday – and the birds were really singing, I thought – it’s time to break them out.

The first cigar I will review in the line is their Temptation Habano Claro.

For the record, they couldn’t have picked a better size to send me, as the 5x50 Robusto is one of my choice sizes to smoke.

JD Cigars

Temptation Habano Claro 5x50

Wrapper- Ecuador
Binder- Nicaragua
Filler- Nicaragua

The overall appearance was good, with a hardly discernable seem and a smooth wrapper and no prominent veins.  

While not a big aesthetics person, I did like the Blue and Silver band – very eye catching.

A pre-light pull showed the cigar to be of medium density and lead me to believe (correctly) that this would be a nice relaxing smoke, not one you have to work.

The cigar lit fairly easy on one match and burned with a consistent rate throughout. With the exception of a little looseness at the end,  I thought everything held together well and only needed to be relit twice – which could be due to me talking with Simon on the phone at the same time.

I found this to be a well rounded cigar, with a medium/mild flavor profile consisting of a light coffee and oak at the beginning, heavier wood and malt toward the middle and exotic spice (nutmeg) and more coffee in the last third.

What I particularly liked, especially since  I was smoking a bit early in the day, was the lack of oily feel to the smoke.  If anything, the mouth feel was more creamy than oily – and that bore itself though into the flavors as well.

While lighter than most cigars I tend to smoke, I really enjoyed this product and would highly recommend to “New Cigar Aficionados”, particularly women who are wanting to make the leap from flavored cigars.

I always enjoy competition – and its heartening to see cigars taking the path of micro breweries and distilleries, with more and more independent Growers and Producers popping up.  J&D is fitting that Indie-Mold and hopefully they continue to embrace the love and passion they put in every batch.

Excellent Product – 4 out of 5 Thumbs Up

Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

Stay Tuned for the a review of their Allure line.

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