Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homage is such an excellent word

Not only is the below picture emotional, but it leads well into a few S&B related items I wanted to throw out there.

Beer TributeI actually ran this picture on my Facebook Page a few days ago and wanted to revisit it.  The message is particularly touching to all of us who have been in the Military, know someone who has given their life to save another…..or have someone they know go into harms way on a frequent basis.  If you wish to share on FB, here is the LINK to the posting there (currently at 800K Likes).

Next up, How about a few Marines that wanted to brew a beer to honor their fallen brothers – a beer called Homage.

“It’s always nice to raise a glass for somebody that has passed away and give a cheers before you have a drink, and so we thought it’d be a little bit more special to be able to raise a glass and give a cheers to seven fallen heroes with their own beer that was brewed specifically for them,” said Aaron Ortega.

“I get a little bit overcome when I talk about it,” said Love. “I would never know what it’s like to sacrifice what those guys did. It’s just a neat thing I guess. It makes me feel good that I was able to take part.”

I highly suggest clicking the link to WTKR to watch the associated video, where you will learn what they are doing with the proceeds.

Finally, as I wipe the dust out of my eyes – If you haven't Hugged, Thanked or at least Acknowledged a Veteran or Active Duty Member lately…..please do so.  While its only a small gesture, it’s the least you can do to repay the debt we owe these fine men and women.

Cheers -

PS - To my fellow 501st’ers out there…..when is that reunion again? I call dibs on Jeff’s Waterbed (I know he has one….he’s dirty that way).

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  1. thank you, ed for your service to our nation!! and thank you for calling attention to our vets!


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