Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There are stupid bets–then there is this guy

Ok – I know I once stuffed a 5 Mark Coin up my nose to win a bet…..but I have never ever ever ever beer this drunk, or this determined to win a free beer.

Doctors remove quarter bottle from man's rectum

Khandwa (MP), Apr 15, 2012 (PTI)

Doctors here surgically removed a quarter bottle of liquor from the rectum of a man who had allegedly inserted it to win a wager of Rs 1000 with fellow boozers.

The incident occurred on April 13 night when the person whose identity was not disclosed by the doctors inserted the entire bottle through his anus. Though he won the wager, the man soon became unconscious. Next day when he regained consciousness, he tried to push it out but in vain following which he went to a nursing home.
"After examining the patient, we decided to perform a surgery which lasted for nearly an hour and removed the bottle," Dr Gurdeep Singh Ubeja told reporters today. "But by that time it has damaged the anus area as well as urinary bladder," he said.
The doctor said that the patient is a chronic alcoholic. The X-ray of the patient showed the bottle entangled in the rectum.

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