Saturday, June 14, 2014

Not many things have changed

Over at iO9, they have some great pictures entitled - Extraordinary Photos of Everyday Life in Oak Ridge, the Secret City during the Manhattan Project.

One of the pictures jumped out at me – of people lined up to get cigarettes.

It reminded me of my time in Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Kuwait – with soldiers lined up around the block to get into the PX….where one of the coveted items was a deck of smokes…regardless if you smoked or not.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Now I know where to drink….

I love info-graphical maps.

If you do too – you should head over to Floating Sheep and check out their graphics on “The Beer Belly of America”

Crime in the Wine Industry

Police in the Italian regions of Lazio, Liguria and Umbria have found extensive labelling frauds, upgrading cheap wines and delivering them for sale at up to ten times their value, La Repubblica reports.

Among 30,000 bottles seized are some from Bocelli’s family winery near Pisa, which yields an exclusive 300 bottles a year.

Be careful what you drink.

Italy Wine Seizure

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