Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hornsby's Hard Cider

Today's drink is Autumn inspired, Hornsby's Hard Cider (Amber Draft).

Who doesn't think of Fall, Pumpkins, Football and Cider? Well, today we go for the alchohlic version of standard cider (Later we will be reviewing Guinness), that definately fits this beautiful Halloween day.

Outside the weather is crisp, and I think that is the best word to describe this cider. The Dryness of the "Amber Draft" definitely leaves you wanting to drink more....which is a prerequisite for anything I consume.

If I don't enjoy that first quaff, then I never buy it again.

I might be overstating the obvious that the first thing that hits you when you crack open a bottle is the smell of Apples, but it's true. A great nose meets the drinker for word go....and I put my first one tonight in a glass, which really improved the experience. The color is fantastic and (at ice cold) the drink was refreshing. I can almost taste the red of the apples that were mashed together in the making of this fine beverage.

I have drank Strongbow (ablate on tap in the UK and in Germany) so I am biased....yet I do think this is a great alternative to have in fridge if friends come over....especially if they are bringing their wives or girlfriends. That being said, I would not be embarrassed to crack one of these open amongst "The Guys" and I plan on my cigar of the evening to be with my last one. It should be an interesting Combo.

At 6%, a six pack gave me a pretty good buzz leading up to Trick or Treating and the Notre Dame Game tonight (when the Guinness will be reviewed). At $6.97 (Walmart prices) I think this is a pretty good buy, and would hesitate to do so again.

Overall, I would rate this one a 7. What can I say...I'm a sucker for Rhinos.

PS, I was looking for a Website to link to on this sad that I cant find one, especially in this day and age.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boru Vodka

Tonight for my drink I am finishing off the bottle of Boru Vodka here in the house (I'm to lazy to go shopping).

You've never heard of Boru Vodka? Well, allow me to educate you:

Boru Vodka is distilled in Ireland (but is not a Poitín) and named after the legendary King of Ireland, Brian Boru. At $20 a bottle at the Tinderbox, its a steal for just about any occasion. Considering its backed by such luminaries as Andy Dick and Tom Green, plus named a Top 10 Vodka by Forbes magazine, how could you go wrong?

The Vodka itself if very smooth and clean....almost verging on refreshing. I prefer mine on ice, and if it wasn't for the warm sensation going down my and glow in my tummy, I would swear it was water. When ice cold, it's almost syrupy and the nose doesn't smell anything like the gasoline I used to drink as well Vodka in the Army.

I honestly haven't used it as a mixer....but I cannot imagine it not going well with juice or Dr. Pepper (for you Glenn).

If I had extra, I would probably make a few martinis, however...I was down to the last two like Mom always said...keep it simple :)

Cruzado Avalitos

So here we are with my first installment of "Smokes and Booze".

My day is about to wrap here in MO, and it's been a long week. I thought I would kick things off with my current favorite cigar, Cruzado Avalitos - Petit Robus (by Illusione Cigars).

My friends who are history buffs and Freemasons might recognize the logo on the box straight away. In fact, I will admit that is what drew me to this particular cigar at first. However, one light and I realized I had underestimated the little nicotine rockets contained.

As a "Micro-Brew" tobacco company, Dion Giolito (of Illusione fame) has really put together an excellent blend of tobacco that not only burns smoothly, but evenly, with excellent flavors (I swear that towards the middle of the stick I taste Chocolate) at a fairly reasonable price.

The one downside to this cigar is finding it. Sure, the internet can get you almost anything, but when it comes to Brick and Mortar shops...this one is a toughie. So far, my best luck has been at Tinderbox Vino 100 in Columbia MO. Kevin runs a great show and has a smoking lounge in the back. If you are friendly, he might let you sample some of the booze too :)

Like I said, this is a pretty good cigar with a little nostalgia thrown in. As a petite, it might not burn long enough for some peoples tastes...but for a winter cigar (those who's wives wont let them smoke inside will understand), it's perfect.

Smoke up and enjoy.
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