Saturday, July 31, 2010

A man you don’t meet everyday

Facebook is one of those things, where every day something new/unusual pops up.

Recently, I came across someone I knew way back in the day….when I was young and in Germany.  He was a fellow 33 named Pete Ferrari.

I will be honest, Pete and I never saw eye to eye (Pete would say that is being kind), and I don’t know if it was generational or just me being an ass…but needless to say, I always respected what he did as a 33 with the Alpha Co. systems.

Anyway, I found Pete and reached out to him, and I hope he can see that (even) I have matured a little bit since those crazy days back in Katterbach.

So, why is this here on Smokes and Booze?  First, Pete has written a book about his later life and his struggles with Parkinson’s Disease.  While, I haven’t read it yet…I know Pete, and I also know the struggles of my own niece, so it’s on order and I can’t wait to get it.  

Secondly, Pete’s wife Anne is a musician and she did a cover of one of my favorite songs- Jock Stewart (A man you don’t meet every day).  She even did it in the fashion of the Pogues, with a woman singing the man’s part.  It IS really good, and you can hear the song via this YouTube Clip that also outlines (somewhat) Pete’s Story.  Pete even mixed the music himself.

If you are looking for some Irish/Celtic Music, check out the rest of her album HERE and if you are so inclined to throw some support to an aging vet, check out the book too.

Also, if you are a musician (Steve) or writer (Kevin or Chris), these guys sure could use some help/suggestions in marketing or distribution.  Look Pete up on FB (HERE) if you can help.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Reader Submissions

I know there have been few updates lately.  I have a big meeting coming up next week and I have really been busy prepping for the event (it’s a week long), so something had to give…..and in the case, it was Blog.

So, to open things back up, I have a few reader submissions-

From Chris

Got any suggestions for a non-smoker to start on? Reading these descriptions it sounds like there an aerosolized version of the coffee I roast!

Ed- Chris, I am not a big smoker of the flavored cigars.  One thing I have heard is that the oils for the flavoring can seep into your humidor and either ruin it or leave a lingering scent (tainting your other cigars).  A common practice is using glass humidors for them, and keeping them separated.  All this being said, Randy (from MySideoftheBar) had a recommendation for the cigar his wife likes, the Elevation Flavored Hazelnut Coffee Churchill (found HERE)


From Brian - article-1279801952078-0A88AC81000005DC-27272_636x506

May want this for your blog...”Worlds Strongest ale” comes in eye-catching dead animal bottles

Ed- WOW.  What is not to like here, aside from the £500 price?  At 55% and stuffed in squirrels, this would definitely be the ultimate Christmas present.  Imagine the excitement when your significant other unwraps this.  Still a little pricey, but next trip to the UK might have me looking for it.

From Jeremy C. – Worlds oldest Champagne found

Ed- While amazing that the Champagne survived this long at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, what I love about this story is that the diver said screw history and opened one and drank it when they returned to the surface.  While this could have cost him an estimated $70K, it didn’t matter…he did what any self respecting Boozer would have.  My hat is off to you sir.

Also from Jeremy C.- A Facebook Link to McMillan’s Irish Pub, where they sell Guinness and Bass to you right at the table.

Finally, from Gary – 6 Most surprising ways that alcohol is good for you

Thanks to everyone that submitted, keep them coming.  Also, it shows you guys read this and miss me when I actually have to do work :P

Until next week.  Cheers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let’s all cheer for the Tour Drunk this weekend

Wearing an outfit like this, how could someone not be behind John Daly this weekend in the Open?

Currently he is only 3 strokes behind the leader…….so keep you fingers crossed.

John Daly

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th.

I normally try to stay out of politics on this blog, although I have taken some shots at the current administration (see State of the Union Drinking Game), and likewise do I seldom support one of the Big Three Brewers either (although you SHOULD check out THANK YOU MILLER).

But today is the 4th of July, and I found two videos I wanted to share with everyone.

The first is by comedian Red Skeleton – It’s pretty self explanitory.

One word debscribes this – Beautiful.

Second is a pretty good commercial for Coors Lite from back in the day.  R. Lee Ermey (a great American) teams up the “The Duke”.  Since Coors and Miller have teamed up to go against InBev, I thought I would throw this out there…as a way to say Thanks to all the Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers and Marines that help keep this country free….if you show up at my place, drinks are on me.

Happy July 4th everyone.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank you Miller

Not often do I change my drinking habits on a whim or support a product that I am not particularly fond of……..but for once, I am making an exception.

As many of you know, I prefer to stay away from the big three in the beer market, if for no other reason than the Monopoly that they have that makes it hard for smaller breweries to establish themselves.

That all changed last night when I saw the following commercial

For Miller to support the IAVA in such a way is testament to their support of our great Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines….and while I get this is also marketing program,  $.10 for every bottle cap is actually a considerable amount of money and great gesture on Miller’s part….especially in this economy where companies are watching every penny they make.

So, for now….I am a Miller drinker and will be saving my caps to mail in. 

It’s Official

The Horses name is Peaty.  Thanks to TommyG for suggesting it.  Not only is it the perfect name for him (his white mane looking like smoke) but it fits for me as well… most who drink with me know that I love peaty Scotches (such as Laphroiag).

Last night I christened him with a scotch a triple tau (some of my Masonic friends will get this) when he was by the gate at Midnight. 

The bonding has begun.


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