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Friday, November 27, 2009

NUB Cameroon

Ok, day after Thanksgiving and it was beautiful outside as we went out in our annual trek for a Christmas Tree. 

After all my beer and liquor posts lately, and since we were going to be outside, I decided to do a cigar this afternoon.

A quick perusal of MY humidor lead me to go with the NUB, and of those….NUB Cameroon Torpedo (4x64 Torpedo with a 62 min avg burn time).


The wrapper is very smooth, thin, with a nice in color and no veins.  I learned from their website that the wrapper is actually grown in Cameroon (duh, I wondered where they got the name) and the binder/filler from Nicaragua.

I was pleasantly surprised by the overall burn of the cigar, it burned clean and even throughout…even though I didnt have time to properly toast the cigar at the beginning.  The long burn I think is attributed to the compression and density of the filler.  As most of my friends know, I prefer quicker cigars (due to me smoking at work and needing to get back to the phone at a moments notice)…yet the Cameroons are great for me when I have some extra time to enjoy.

The cigar itself starts off really good and was flavorful with lots of “dark” flavors. I got a roasted smoky wood with some coffee beans.  I would almost call it a “Guinness Cigar”.

As I reached toward the middle of the stick , there’s still rich dark flavors, very heavy on the palate, but not harsh at all. It’s just a heavy dose of smoke that would have paired well with the Sailor Jerry’s I am drinking tonight.  Maybe if I break out the telescope (It’s still beautiful tonight), I might pour me 3-4 fingers and break out another.

I would rate this cigar a solid B, possibly moving it up with the proper pairing.  A good stick that will not disappoint and one that I would happily break when friends come over.

Until next time….Smoke’m if ya Gott’em


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