Friday, October 30, 2009

Boru Vodka

Tonight for my drink I am finishing off the bottle of Boru Vodka here in the house (I'm to lazy to go shopping).

You've never heard of Boru Vodka? Well, allow me to educate you:

Boru Vodka is distilled in Ireland (but is not a Poitín) and named after the legendary King of Ireland, Brian Boru. At $20 a bottle at the Tinderbox, its a steal for just about any occasion. Considering its backed by such luminaries as Andy Dick and Tom Green, plus named a Top 10 Vodka by Forbes magazine, how could you go wrong?

The Vodka itself if very smooth and clean....almost verging on refreshing. I prefer mine on ice, and if it wasn't for the warm sensation going down my and glow in my tummy, I would swear it was water. When ice cold, it's almost syrupy and the nose doesn't smell anything like the gasoline I used to drink as well Vodka in the Army.

I honestly haven't used it as a mixer....but I cannot imagine it not going well with juice or Dr. Pepper (for you Glenn).

If I had extra, I would probably make a few martinis, however...I was down to the last two like Mom always said...keep it simple :)

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