Sunday, April 8, 2012

How about some more on the Missouri Beer Festival?

Ed Note- Yesterday we had issues with Graphics uploading.  That has now been resolved.

The long lost (well…..24 hours) missing notes have been found. So I even have MORE things to comment on the Missouri Beer Festival 2012 (you can read Part 1 HERE).

Picking up where I left off

Can-Coctions LLC – Strategically located next to Piney River Brewery booth, was in interesting product, designed to hold cans while in a Canoe, Kayak, Lawn Chair or just about anything else, called the Can-Panion. It somewhat reminded me of the old style can holders that hooked on the window of the car – from when I was a kid. Since I don’t canoe very much, I didn’t buy them – but who knows. Maybe I will pick up a few ($2.99 at for when I go visit Piney River (I swear I am getting that tour in this year).

Can Panion

Boulevard Brewing Company– I’m pretty familiar with all the Boulevard Line, so in conversation with the rep, I asked what he thought was the best on their lineup for the day/what was moving the most.

  • Fest 6Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale – Another attempt at a Belgium Saison, this beer has a sweet honey finish that follows both light floral and ginger notes. Definitely, Boulevard has figured out how to market to the masses (that is not a bad thing) and this beer works reasonably well – although I just feel the small crafts are doing a better job in this particular space. – MugMugMug

Perennial Artisan Ales – out of St. Louis, they brought two offerings, of which I only tried one. Probably the least active booth of the day.

  • Saison de Lis – Another Saison (the Belgium styles keep growing), this one was brewed with Chamomile flowers.I have no idea what this beer was trying to accomplish, the flavors were a mess, and this was the only brewery where I saw people dumping (in the only trashcan on the floor). One person saw me taking notes, and said if I was writing about this – I MUST quote him as saying this was the worst beer at the show. Sadly, I must agree. – Zero Beers

Avery Brewing Company – Brought to us today by 44 Stone, this is one of the few “Out of State” beers I tried for the day.

While I really try to support Missouri Breweries, the guys in Colorado are definitely doing something right as well.

  • Fest5The Reverend – Sticky and Sugary Sweet, this dark Belgium has a complex malty flavor with hints of fruit (Cherries and Dates) and spice (Coriander). A nice beer that I would like to try on Tap next time 44Stone does a Tap Takeover. Definitely could rate higher on Draft – MugMug

Final Observations -

  • Why was GolfTec represented? I get the beer can holders from Can-Coctions, but the Golf people just impeded flow of traffic and really turned into drunk putting games. Waste of space.
  • Debi re-verified her experience with Mother’s Brewing. Apparently she asked for their “least hoppy” beer and they totally wrote her off and didn’t engage her. Instead they poured something other than their Stout…..which would have been a game changer with her.
  • Next year, how about some workshops on home brewing with CBE? The Tiger’s Den is just around the corner from the main room and it would have worked great.
  • Speaking of next year, how about a beer judging? Best Homebrew and best Production Release. I openly volunteer now to be on the panel.
  • This one goes out to Stoney Creek Inn. You guys really missed the boat by not planning ahead and having your bar open. The whole area was packed, and I know that would have been the most productive night of the year for you.
  • Finally, we need a bigger venue. Either the Fest opens up more areas/rooms in the Stoney Creek, or they move somewhere else. Use the Missouri Wine Grand Tasting as a model and really take this thing to the next level.

Still, everything was a great event – especially since it was Year 2. Year 3 is the lucky year – I suggest they start working now to get vendors lined up and really show that CoMO can support an event like this.


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