Monday, April 9, 2012

KOMU Video on the Missouri Beer Festival

A pretty good recap, but I would disagree that there were more than 50 Breweries represented.

That would be playing very loose with the fact, counting 6-8 beer offerings from InBev as separate. I would say there were maybe 60 different beers from 20 Breweries - but you can read my reviews to see what was present (HERE and HERE).

The video does talk to the people at Sonshine Graphics – which is nice.  I had tons of comments from me wearing last years shirt, they did a great job with the glasses and shirts this year – AND they were personable enough to remember me as well. 

Also, you get to see a quick demo from Can-Coctions in the canoe.

Sadly, the focus seemed to be on the vendors and not what the event was truly about – Beer.

I also don’t get why they are asking how much money they raised.  Its not for charity – it’s a business.

Thanks to Alby for sending me the link to the vid.


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