Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Penn & Teller, Sleight of Hand, Cups & Balls and Lawsuit

I could have sworn I had this clip on here before, but I can’t find it.  I guess I must have viewed it and thought “Cool- need to throw that on the site someday”.

Anyway, today is the day.

What inspired me to revisit? 

First, Penn Jillette has been featured lately on the Celebrity Apprentice.  Even though my wife seems to think he is coming across a little bit like an ass (although not as much as Lou Ferrigno), I think he has been true to himself and is definitely the smartest guy in the room.  Its been fun to watch- and I hope he wins.

Secondly, a recent story caught my eye regarding Teller suing someone who is threatening to reveal his famous act, called Shadows.  If anyone has seen Penn and Teller do the Cups and Balls Trick or Sleight of Hand (below) – they are pretty up front about their act.  However, I must applaud Teller for standing up for his signature act – to which he has copywritten.  This is how he makes his money…don’t mess with it.  I hope the courts find in his favor.

Now, here is Penn and Teller explaining “Sleight of Hand”

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