Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday Brunch at 44 Stone

It was a rough weekend, starting with Debi having drinks at 44 Stone, baseball practice (in the cold rain – and that Debi didn’t show up to) and finally the Beer Festival – so it was only fitting that we go to 44 Stone for Easter Brunch.

Its been awhile since we went there on a Sunday Morning, but boy am I glad we did.

As usual, Dave had some interesting beers on tap – which is why I love/hate this place.  I love the fact that 44 Stone has the best revolving taps in CoMO, sometimes getting beers on draft that you cannot get anywhere else in Missouri.  I hate the fact that I never have enough time to come in and try them all – so I sometimes miss out on a few.  What a problem to have – sure beats a few of the local places that only pour Bud, Bud Lite/Coors, Coors Lite.

Anyway – Today I tried two really great beers –

Gouden Carolus Easter

This beer is a perfect example of one of those “Limited” beers you can get at 44 Stone.  

A classic Belgium Dark brewed by Brouwerij Het Anker in Mechelen Belgium, as a Spring release- specifically for Easter – I really do wonder how many bars had this running on tap, especially here in the Fly Over States.

  • Appearance – Deep, dark brown with Beera thin, tightly laced head.
  • Nose- Bready, Sweet and vague dark fruits (Figs and Cherry)
  • Taste – Complex flavors of Raisin, Nutmeg and Clove – mixed with a deep malty flavor. Malt carries through (and mellows slightly) into a finish that rounded out by caramel and brown sugar. 
  • Overall – I really liked this beer, much to my wife’s surprise, and I attribute that to my recent trip to Brussels (where I found out more TRUTH on Asian Snake Wine).  While there, I sampled and grew an appreciation to many of the Belgian offerings – especially Leffe Blonde and many of the darks.  Even though Gouden Carolus Easter is sweeter than I usually go for – this was a great starter beer which packed a punch (10%ABV).  Complex dark flavors worked well together and if I were sitting downKeg for a single – I could definitely see myself ordering this.

As an added bonus – Dave showed me the disposable keg this ships in.  I can’t wait to take this apart later to examine the technology.


Intermission - In between beers – our food arrived.

I don’t normally review food, partly due to the Military tainting my palette in my youth.  They taught me to eat almost anything (which is why some of my friends were shocked by the Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper review) ….but I do know great food when I eat it – and the Eggs Benedict (IMO) verged upon sublime.eggs2

Here is the menu description- House ’Wiltshire-cured’ Sliced Pork Loin, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise, fresh baby spinach, toasted English Muffin, Smoked Paprika, Chives, Seasoned Potatoes

Meanwhile, Debi had Grilled Prime Rib (perfectly rare) and James (as a 9 year old) had the Corned Beef Hash. 

I think the empty plates at the end was a true compliment to the chef – Great Job Mark.

Green Flash Imperial IPA – I really want to know how I missed this Brewery when I was in San Diego?  Well, its probably for the best, as I would have gotten very little done  at the conference I was attending.

Anyway, Green Flash has applied the Imperial tag to this beer – and from an American standpoint – it fits.

As we outline with the Schlafly 2010 Imperial Stout – the Imperial moniker was often applied by royal decree, and was originally due to higher alcohol content beers ordered by the Czar of Russia.  Since we Americans have no form of royalty to put out those type of decrees (insert your own jokes here) – Craft Brewers have really taken the Imperial label and given it the meaning of “over the top”.

Enter Green Flash Imperial.

Imperial Green Flash

  • Appearance – A reddish copper color, with an asymmetrical laced, light head.
  • Nose- A piney opening (with hints of malt), followed by some lemony citrus.
  • Taste – For lack of better term – this is the Hop Bomb I was looking forward to.  Listed as 101 IBUS – this has an excellent and complex flavor profile.  Grapefruit, Lemon and Floral tastes mingle well with multi-tiered hops flavors.
  • Overall – Incredible.  Best IPA I have had in some time.  I found this beer to be very drinkable and excellent in every way.  I can’t wait until it makes a reappearance on Tap.  My first 5 Star of the Year.


What a great Brunch.  Two Great Beers (and an awesome whiskey to be reviewed later), excellent food and a fun atmosphere. 

If you have never been to 44 Stone Public House, Sunday brunch is an excellent time to give a try…..especially if you like eating outside and weather is nice.

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