Sunday, January 22, 2012

Schlafly 2010 Imperial Stout

Since our friends over at 44Stone are hosting a Beer Pairing dinner on Tuesday, I thought I would give you  a preview of one of the beers on the menu – Schlafly 2010 Imperial Stout.Pants

Santa brought me two bottles of this beer for Christmas – Delivered in a really cute bottle carrier.  Sadly there are no labels on the carrier, so I cant tell you where to get one.  It is really nice and would definitely turn eyes at any holiday party you break it out for. 

That silly Santa really knows me.

Coming in 750ml bottles (that make great legs), this 10%ABV Imperial Stout is aged in bourbon barrels, and that flavor really carries through in the beer.

Trivia – Imperial Stouts were originally brewed in London for export to Catherine the 2nd of Russia.  The alcohol content was intentionally higher to prevent freezing during the trip.

2010 Imperial Stoutv2

  • Appearance- A thick pouring lead to a dense foamy head that held throughout the tasting.  Color was a deep, dark mahogany, that light had problem passing through.
  • Nose- Roasted Coffee and (unsweetened) chocolate mingle with with hints of vanilla, bourbon and oak.  As I drank, the nose opened up even further (possibly due to warming) to reveal molasses and fruit (cherries).
  • Taste – Syrupy to the tongue, this beer has a heavy and complex flavor that evolved (much like the nose) during the tasting.  Typical coffee and chocolate flavors comingled with rye/bourbon, cherry, coconut and vanilla.  Those RICH flavors work better than expected, although the heaviness leads one to think that one or two glasses to be more than filling.

Definitely not one to sit down for a bender, this is a beer for someone that loves beer and wants to savor how complex a beer can be. A true sign of a master brewer is when you have one glass and feel satisfied.

I really liked this beer, and I am glad that I have an extra bottle to put back for later.  Solid FOUR Stars.

That being said, I’m still miffed that I will be missing the pairing dinner, especially after seeing a preview of the menu last night. 

Jealousy is an understatement.

After speaking with Dave, the event is almost sold out….so if you are on the fence, you should hurry up and get your tickets.  Also, there are plans in the works for a Whiskey Pairing dinner in the near future – stay tuned for breaking updates.

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