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Seven (Yes Seven) Vodka Reviews

Contributor, Friend and fellow Blogger Randy (aka – The Professor) over at Mysideofthebar recently conducted a blind tasting of seven different kinds of Vodkas with his friends in KC.

<You can read the results HERE>


On top of this, he sent over his individual impression of each one as a sort of mini-review.

I had already reviewed Crystal Head Vodka, but I always enjoy opposing views.  Here is my review of Crystal Head Vodka and  the Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey that appears in almost all off Randy’s pics.

We’ve discussed doing lineups like this before, and I am in the process of setting up a Gin and Tequila tasting to compliment this excellent feedback from Randy.

Stay tuned and enjoy.

Cheers -

Nose: Alcohol
Initial Taste: Sweet and very smooth
Finish: Small Burn
Overall I have always been a fan of Svedka Vodka and until recently Svedka was the preferred Martini Vodka of MySideOfTheBar. I will have to say I was a little surprised by my review Still a Vodka I enjoy and will continue to purchase.

Crystal HeadVodka6
Nose: Neutral and virtual order less
Initial Taste: Very smooth and rated a little smoother than Svedka
Finish: Light, smooth and no burn.
I have had Crystal Head Vodka in the past and I will say as I have before that for the price I had expected a little more. The bottle however is a great marketing strategy and I have the matching skull shot glasses to match.

Burnetts  Vodka8
Nose: Slight alcohol, but not as much as Svedka
Initial Taste: Smooth and light
Finish: Fresh, light and no burn
Burnetts is the preferred mixing Vodka of MySideOfTheBar and I am happy to report that it passed this taste test with flying colors. While it did not rank as high as some it is still an excellent Vodka for mixed drinks and when you consider the price it is a great bargain.

Pinnacle Vodka7
Nose: Slight alcohol about the same Burnetts
Initial Taste: Smooth
Finish: Light, fresh and a little burn
I enjoy Pinnacle Vodka, however given all the other great Vodkas available in this price range I generally do not purchase. I would give a thumbs up to Pinnacle’s flavored Vodkas, but this is a story for another blog.

Grey Goose Vodka9
Nose: Very light alcohol
Initial Taste: Very light, smooth and no alcohol taste
Finish: Very smooth
I used to be a huge Grey Goose fan, but to me the return you get for the cost is not worth it. There are many other Vodkas that are better in both mixed drinks and Martinis.

Nose: Light alcohol similar to the Grey Goose, but not as much as Svedka or Burnetts.
Initial Taste: Sweet and Smooth
Finish: Very smooth and an excellent finish
I was most surprised by this Vodka as the original reason I purchased it was because of the packaging. However after tasting I would definitely purchase again.

Nose: Very, Very light and no alcohol
Initial taste: Light taste with slight alcohol
Finish: Smooth and light
I enjoy Shpilka Vodka and it is the official Martini Vodka of MySideOfTheBar for 2011. There is a little more sweat taste to this Vodka and it makes an excellent Vodka Martini.

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