Monday, January 9, 2012

Mike’s Harder Grape Punch

I thought I would try something different the other day, so I broke down and bought a can of Mike’s Harder Grape Punch

Released in March – The Press Release for Mike’s Harder Grape Punch States -
Mike’s is always looking to push the envelope, and the new mike’s harder grape punch is no exception. A punch of bold grape flavor with hints of field fresh berries will make this 8% alcohol beverage one of your fa-vorites.

Mikes 2Since it is relatively cheap and 8%, why not give it a shot?

My first problem when I got it home was – What to drink it out of?

Should I drink it out of a Tankard, tasting glass, wine glass, a shot….or even out of a crystal skull?  The possibilities were endless.

Ultimately, I decided to go with a Blue Dixie Cup.

Mikes 3

The Drink itself was much better than I anticipated, reminding me of the Purple Passions we used to drink back in the day.  Granted, these are only 8%, but good enough to get a buzz going after 4 or 5.

I also felt the Blue Dixie Cup works well with this, as Mike’s isn’t going to be one of those drinks you break out the fine china for, but instead it is something you are going to be drinking while fishing, camping, tailgating or some other outdoor activity – possibly one you don’t want the police to see you consuming alcohol while doing.  A match made in heaven.

I’m not going to delve into Nose, Appearance, Taste or Finish…’s a Mike’s Product for Gosh Sake.  I’ll just say its GRAPE and HAS BOOZE.  I give it two stars while sober, but would give it 3.5 if I were drunk in the summer and someone else paid for it.

Give it a look – at least its better than JOOSE and SPARKE Plus


  1. Joose uses real natural fruit flavors in their Chery-lime and Mango. Mikes................None. So before you slam Joose, check it out, and yes 12% is better then 8%.

  2. I love these type of plugs - because again, people really dont read the review.

    Look, I could really care less if there are natural fruit flavors in my drinks. Unless I go to a bar and watch them mix it - it means fuck all to me.

    If I put Joose and Mike's side by side, I would bet that 75% of my friends would prefer the Mike's. If either company wants to sponsor - bring it on and I will write about it.

    As far as 8% vs 12% - in certain things, the alcohol flavor becomes overpowering - so more is NOT better. There are some beers I do not like, because the flavor does not mask the alcohol content. That is important to me.


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