Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moylan's Dragoons Dry Irish Stout

I always look forward to Christmas time, as my wife always goes out of her way to provide some unique beers for me to try – and this year she didn’t disappoint.

DragoonsSanta left in my stocking some new beers that hold a lot of promise, and so I thought I would do one of my first reviews on Moylan’s Dragoons Dry Irish Stout.

Moylan’s Brewery and Restaurant is from Novato California and has been around since 1995.  They distribute 12 different beers nationally and maintain another 7 on draft.  Many of their distributed beers have garnered some awards, and I am mildly surprised their Dragoons Dry Irish Stout has not won more than it has (3).

Bottled in a 1pt 6oz Bottle, I particularly like the stylized fonts and logo placed on a Celtic knot.

  • Appearance-  Pouring as a dark opaque brown/black color with a dark wine highlights, there is a light (almost non-Dragoons 2existent) carbonated head that clings to the edge of the glass and no lacing.
  • Nose- Strong roasted barley, rounded out with chocolate and vanilla , with hints of coffee and sweet fruit.
  • Tastes- I flash of sweetness that is followed by Dark Bitter Chocolate, Toffee, light hops and nuts.  Particularly surprised the “Dry” mouth feel.
  • Finish – “Dry” and palette cleansing, flavors at the end remind me of fruit (tangy oranges) and coco powder.  Think of a candy Chocolate Orange.  A light hoppy aftertaste is quite pleasant.

Overall – I really liked this beer.  While it will never unseat Guinness as Number 1 on my list – it definitely moved into my Top 5, ie – something that I would actually go out of my way to pick up. 

Available locally in CoMO at HyVee and Arena Liquors – I highly recommend picking this one up. 

Finally -One thing I noticed – On their website, they list Alcohol Content as 8%, whereas the bottle states 5%.  Would love to get clarity there.

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