Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working and Smoking–invasion of Privacy?



So, I have to link to an article on USA Today about Workplaces and their right to base hiring on Smoking habits – mostly because USA Today requires $800 to repost an article (for 2 years MAX).  No wonder they can afford to give their newspapers away – they shake down everyone else.

Anyway, the crux of the article is

  • 29 States and DC have laws that protect smokers rights (above in RED).
  • Such made up statistics as smoking and second hand smoke causing 443000 premature deaths and costing the nation $193 BILLION dollars in health bills and lost productivity.
  • Healthcare is pushing their own “Healthy Agenda”
  • The American Lung Association discriminates and considers themselves “Non-Smoking Exemplars”.

If you are interested – check out the article, but I wouldn’t waste my time.

Instead, I would - do some research, find out what is the law in your state and then contact your local representative.

In my opinion, Smoking is legal and therefore this is just as discriminatory as non-hiring based on Race, Sex or Religion. 

Where will it end?  Cholesterol tests?  Weekly weigh ins?  How about stopping by peoples houses at night for a breathalyzer? 

Personally – if a place I applied to had these restrictions – I would tell them to go FUCK Themselves.  But that is just me.

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