Friday, January 27, 2012

Just give her some Cigarettes

Wow – just WOW.

Come here for the story – but follow the link for the Video (with raspy voice goodness) and Mugshot.

Woman arrested after allegedly calling 911 six times


An Osceola County woman is still in jail for allegedly calling 911 six times for no apparent reason.
"What's going on there ma'am?" the 911 operator asked.
"None of your business! Just send me a sergeant. It's none of your business! Why the hell are you so stupid?" Joan Mayo replied.
Each time Mayo got connected to the 911 center in St. Cloud on Tuesday, she screamed profanities at dispatchers and berated them, according to police.

Officials said Mayo never had a clear reason for calling, but neighbors said she was looking for something in particular.
"She just wanted cigarettes. That's all she wanted. She wanted cigarettes," said her neighbor, Lillian Morales.
The final straw came when police showed up to talk to her. Police said Mayo called 911 on her cellphone a sixth time while they were in the parking lot dealing with the situation.

Mayo was arrested and hauled off to jail on charges of misusing 911.

"Rarely do we get calls like this for service," said Sgt. Denise Roberts, of the Saint Cloud Police Department.
Police said this affected two agencies, because cellphone calls are first answered by Osceola County, then routed to St. Cloud.
But, Mayo won't be forced to pay back money wasted investigating her calls because no real calls were delayed.
Mayo allegedly told police she had no regard for the 911 system and would call whenever she wanted to.

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