Thursday, January 26, 2012

When is smoking “Unruly”?

You know, I have to applaud this guy.  At least he is standing up for what he believes in.

I remember when you could smoke on a plane.  I remember when service members (through SATO) always seemed to be seated in the back, and that was the smoking section.  People would buy me drinks to swap seats so they could have a puff.

I didn’t find the smoke (at the time, I didn’t smoke myself) bad, and the hidden benefits were great.

Then the government became involved and no more firing up in transit.  It hasn’t made the flights any safer, its just inconvienenced passangers (hmmmm – Sounds like TSA).

There are still ashtrays on a plane, and if they are missing – the plane is grounded.

Anyway, an unnammed  passanger is now in FBI custody, facing Federal Charges….all for trying to exercise his right to pursue happyness in his own way.

Sounds kinda messed up to me…..considering all the REAL crimes commited every day.

Am I off base here?

Plane diverted after passenger lights cigarette in cabin

A Continental Airlines flight traveling from Houston to California had to be diverted here Tuesday evening because of an “unruly passenger” who reportedly lit a cigarette in the cabin and refused to put it out then fought with a flight attendant, officials said.

The man, whose name and age were not available, was taken into custody by the San Antonio police and the FBI and could face federal charges, officials said.

San Antonio police Capt. Cris Andersen said the man allegedly lit the cigarette while in the cabin. He reportedly refused to put out the cigarette and when a flight attendant tried to take it from him there was a struggle, Andersen said.

The pilot notified the Transportation Security Administration about the disturbance and the plane was diverted to the San Antonio International Airport where it landed just before 7:45 p.m., according Andersen and the Continental Airlines website.

Upon landing, the man was taken into custody, Andersen said. He added it is standard protocol to inform the FBI when someone needs to be removed from a flight. The FBI then reviews the case to see if federal or state charges would apply. In this case, Andersen said, he was told the passenger possibly faced federal charges.

According to the Continental Airlines website, the flight was supposed to be non-stop from Houston to Ontario, Calif., and arrived about two hours late because of the diversion.

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