Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upcoming Schlafly Beer Dinner @44 Stone

I am willing to go on record and say “I love 44 Stone”.

44 Stone is one of those places that I happened to stumble upon at it’s inception – and I’ve seen it go through growing pains during their first year, learn from past mistakes and grow into an outstanding place to go for dinner or a drink.

44 Stone Logo 3I can honestly say that it is our go to place when we want a night out.  The food is excellent, staff is outstanding and the Beer/Wine/Whisky selection is one of the best I have seen.

I know some people in Columbia think Murry’s has the best burger in town……I say to those folks – “You haven’t tried 44 Stone’s LOADED Burger on the pretzel bread bun”. 

I support 44 Stone so much, that it is one of two Banner Ads on the site – neither of which I collect any revenue on (the other is Pints for Prostates Charity at the bottom).  I just want them to succeed and wish to get the word out.

Anyway - I’ve been meaning to do a 1 year ‘Revisit” review and was hoping to use their upcoming Schlafly Beer Pairing dinner on January 24th as an excuse….but sadly I have conflicting arrangements – so only my wife and her friend will be attending.

It is the first time they will be doing a “Full Tap Takeover” and has the following Schlafly Beer line-up (at least at the moment and subject to change):

That’s sampling 7 beers PLUS Dinner for $50.  How could you go wrong?

As of this posting – there are 13 seats left… go to and sign up now, you wont be sorry you did.

Cheers -


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