Monday, January 16, 2012

This Day in History–Desert Storm

Wow – Has it really been 22 Years?

On this in Day in History (January 17th in Iraq and January 16th here in the States) – The bombardments that signaled the beginning of Desert Storm began.

I think back to all my friends who were with me (either in the 501st or participating in other units) as we felt the earth first rumble from the Daisy Cutters being dropped, the flashes on the horizon and the F’n snow in the desert (yes, there was that too).  From the rain, to the “Soft Sand” incident, to creating the best foxhole (secret sleeping spot) in history… was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Here are three books on the subject-

First we have Iron Soldiers – which chronicles the 1st Armored Division’s (my unit) ramp up and actions during the war.

Next, a book by a friend of mine – Pete Ferrari.  Pete and I were in the 501st MI Bn together, although he was reassigned to the  101st MI BN right before the Gulf War.  This book appears to have limited availability at this time (it is fairly new), so hopefully Pete can let me know where to get more copies.  Also, my apologies to Pete – I still haven’t gotten around to a rebuttal on Reforger.  

Finally, we have Into the Storm by Tom Clancy and Fred Franks.  General Franks was 1st Armored Division Commander right before the being appointed 7th Corp Commander prior to the Gulf.  The book gives some good history on Fred and the Corps perspective (with some interesting tidbits on 1st AD) of the actions leading up to, during and after.

I can personally vouch for two of these (and I have read Pete’s other book The Challenge of a Lifetime: Backpacking with Parkinson'sThe Challenge of a Lifetime: Backpacking with Parkinson’s) so I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

If any former 501st MI BN member emails me at – I will draw a name at random and send them a copy of Iron Soldiers…..for old times sake.

Cheers guys.


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