Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Quick Hits 2012–Vol2

We start off our Monday with what could be one the biggest drunk driving accidents since Exxon Valdez (Ok, the Captain was below decks sleeping off a bender…not actually steering the boat…but, oh well).

ShipThis time we have the Costa Concordia striking rocks off of the island of Giglio Tuscany, killing at least 6 with seventeen still un-accounted for.


What is particularly sobering (pun intended) is this quote -

Monique Maurek, 41, from the Netherlands, told The Sunday Telegraph: 'What scandalised me most was when I saw the captain spending much of the evening before we hit the rocks drinking in the bar with a beautiful woman on his arm.  -Source

Ok, I get it….the Captain is supposed to be out socializing, just look at Captain Stubing on the Love Boat, but you gotta pay attention to the rocks.Yacht

For the record, I do happen to know a few things about steering a yacht under the influence… those who were there in Miami can attest Smile


Next we have four stories about Science

  • Red Wine Researcher accused of Fraud – Seriously?  If you are going to be a scientist and make up data…do it in a field that people at least expect it, such as Global Warming, but leave BOOZE out of it.
  • 20 Thing you didn’t know about Alcohol – This one is kinda fun, my favorite tidbit is about Johnny Appleseed.  Funny, they skipped that little factoid in school.
  • Science proves alcohol is FUN – How can I get in on one of these research projects.  I mean, I could have told you this…..well, maybe not without facts to back it up (but I would still be better than our Wine researcher above), but what evidence I did provide would be undeniable.
  • Nicotine is GOOD for you - Nicotine patches significantly improved attention and memory in older people suffering from mild cognitive impairment, which often leads to UdderAlzheimer's – So SMOKE UP GRANDPA!!!

We’ve all done it – broken out the Bailey’s and made up that boozy Milkshake – but now we have Drunken Udder, who is producing Alcohol Infused Ice Cream.  Apparently only available in California at this time, you can count on my doing my best to get some here in the Midwest – ASAP.

Finally, who watched the Golden Globes last night?  The sound of crickets renews my faith in humanity.  Seriously, Hollywood has been so full of themselves, with their self congratulatory events such as the Globes and the Oscars, its almost sickening.  While the Golden Globes historically has better picks than the Oscars, 1977/78 cannot be overlooked – with The Turning Point (Golden Globe) and Annie Hall (Academy Award) beat out BOTH Star Wars and Close Encounters.  Really?  Did anyone ever see either of those “Winners”?

Ricky It shows that if you are not in the “Club”, you are overlooked.  To try and make themselves Edgy – The Golden Globes invited back Ricky Gervais to host the show for his 3rd time – apparently though, he had a list of rules he promptly ignored.

Going after Antonio Banderas (I can’t understand him either), NBC (the worst network on television IMO, the only reason I watch it…they air ND games), washed up actors Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler and Jodie Foster’s Beaver (*Snicker*).

His best quote of the night (while he was drinking away constantly -

“The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton - 'Bit louder. Bit trashier. Bit drunker. And more easily bought... allegedly”

Here’s to you Mr. Gervais – while you are not on my A-List of Comedians (all I have to say SpyKids 4D) at least you brought a little entertainment to the evening last night….even if you have a small penis.

Cheers -

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