Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Quick Hits–Vol 1 2012 edition


I can’t wait until I get put in a home (vs being put down), especially if the retirement homes can get a Liquor License.  To me, this should be a no brainer (like medicinal marijuana) – if it makes the old codgers happy….let them drink up.

Meanwhile, Randy is right… Dr.’s are recommending 2 “Dry” days a week.  Randy has been preaching his “Down Days” for some time… it’s good to see that there is some type of “Science” b

More women are Sexually Assaulted than people smoke in the US.  Ok, sexual assault is never funny….no ifs, ands or buts, however – who makes up these stats?

Beer for dogs?  Some people really need to find a hobby.  First, it’s non-alcoholic beer, ie…fortified water.  As an extra twist, it contains beef stock…so now it is thin soup for the dog.  Finally, this made the news because it sold 48 beers (2 cases) in two weeks.  WOW – we are burning down the house now.  I cant wait until this company IPOs and overtakes InBev….wait, the “beer”might actually be better.

For all you idiots out there that watch a little to much Pulp Fiction -Don’t try to rob a Chesapeake area Sports Bar.  You might not only get your ass kicked, but you might get shot.

Finally -Beer Goggles are REAL!!!! -

Scientists paid a visit to a south London pub to conduct an experiment to find out whether the so-called 'beer-goggles' effect is real.

The phrase refers to the phenomenon where drinking too much alcohol makes people attracted to someone they would not normally be attracted to when sober.

Dr Lewis Halsey from Roehampton University got drinkers to look at photos to choose who they thought were the most attractive.

Go HERE for the Video

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  1. My down days are called NDD or Non Drinking Days and I decided it was the best compromise I could live with


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