Monday, November 9, 2009

Crystal Head Vodka

Several months ago, I stumbled on a viral video with Dan Akoryd pitching a product called Crystal Head Vodka. At first, the video is so over the top that it couldn't be be believed, but further research showed that it was a real product.

Throwing caution to the wind, I ordered it and surprised Debi.

The Bottle presentation is one of the coolest I had seen, from the great bottle to the runes on the cork....very good.

The real question was how was the Vodka. To often in these decorative decanters, the booze is lacking. When you throw in that Mr. Akoryd stating that the vodka was triple filtered through know its gotta be bad.


The vodka was really smooth, clean and very very drinkable. Not only was the vodka good as a mixer, but could even be drank straight (on the rocks for me) and had a great vanilla aftertaste.

Currently you can buy Crystal Head at the Nostalgia Shop attached to Grand Cru .

Fast forward a few months and my friend Leo asked if he could have the bottle to do a presentation of the Mead that he makes. I thought sure thing and forgot about it. Today he emailed me a picture of it, and I thought I would share....enjoy.

More pictures can be found HERE

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