Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday Night Gaming

Ok, lots of friends over for the night as we kicked off the new Ptolus Campaign.

Of course, when friends come over, that means drinking...and tonight was no exception.

There were a plethora of beers/drinks around, so I'll give a brief synopsis. If you attended (or just have an opinion) please leave your drink reviews in the comments sections.

Red Stripe (in the Can) - Much better than I expected. Unusually these regional beers don't translate to can well. I honestly thought it would have a metallic aftertaste (plus I missed the nostalgic short bottle), but I was pleasantly surprised. Good front end maltyness. Made me think of beaches. Thanks TommyGee.

Guinness (in bottle with the Widget) - Ok, I will say it...not that great. If you want to drink Guinness from a bottle, I suggest you go here, otherwise stick with the can (with the original widget) or go to a pub (even better). The flavor seems off, and the initial opening still leaves a bit of a mess. I feel the beer doesn't aerate well enough thought the bottle mouth and there just isn't a comfortable mix. Still not sold on the bottle, so my least favorite of the night. Thanks Randy

Schlafly Pale Ale - Probably my favorite Pale Ale, although usually I drink IPAs for the Hops. Still good enough to be a regular in my fridge and tonight was no exception. This was my staple drink of the evening, and I know others were drinking it too with no complaints. Definitely a mans beer though, something about women not liking hops that I will never understand.....

Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade - Ok, I know what you are saying...FooFoo drink here, but I actually liked this one. I got if for Jill (Debi was drinking Milagro Tequila) because I couldn't find any Mojitos and the fact that it is promoting Breast Cancer Awareness (Save the Ta-Ta's) is always a good thing. I cracked one at the end of the night and thought hmmmm....if I were mowing the lawn, this would be a great thirst quencher. Good tangy bite and very lemony...I'd buy it again.

Gin and Tonic (Bombay and Schweppes Tonic Water) - A classic. What more can you say than that. Glenn and I had one to wrap the night (see what you get for being sarcastic), and it always stands up. I know Debi was upset that I didn't have Diet Tonic Water, but that never tastes right to me. Instead, I just say screw the calories and go with the best of brand. Schweppes.

Finally, there was Harp Lager here....but I didnt get any :( Damn. Oh well, better luck next time on that.

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