Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rare Artifact Unearthed

Well, my sister Cathy found this picture the other day and added it Facebook. I had known of it's existence for some time and had often looked for it when going through the pictures at my Mom and Dad's.

It's a fairly typical picture for the early 70's, bunch of men gathered around and someone get's the bright idea to hand the baby a beer. We've all done it. Except in this case, someone had a camera....and in that brief moment in the fall of 1970 (that is an estimate based on my the clothes I am wearing and comparing to other pictures), a legacy is born.

Who knows what would have happened if I had not been given that beer. Who knew that Budweiser was a gateway Beer. What is my oldest brother Jim (in the door) thinking? Would this blog even exist today if it wasnt for that brief brainchild of someone present (who...we'll never know).

Many years ago, I asked my Dad about that day. He told me that the guys all laughed about this picture for hours (the man on the left is my Grandfather, my brother Jim is in the door, Uncle Pete had the bended knee and my Uncle Thad is on the right edge), and that there was only foam in the bottom......but apparently I had kept trying to drink from it. They couldn't get the can away from me.

I owe those Men a lot in life, especially the one who took the father. They made me what I am today, and now I have photographic evidence :)


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  1. I just realized there are 5 Freemasons in that picture.


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