Friday, November 13, 2009

Tiger Wine?

University of Missouri's viticulture institute creates experimental winery

By Associated Press

4:01 AM CST, November 13, 2009
COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — A University of Missouri research center that studies grape growth is creating an experimental winery.

The school's Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture and Enology (ee-NAHL'-uh-jee) provides research support to the state's 92 commercial wineries.

By setting up a winery, the institute can apply those experiments to the entire winemaking process.

The wine will be commercially available with a label that reflects its university affiliation.

Viticulture is the science of growing grapes. Enology is the science and study of wines and winemaking.

Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture & Enology

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  1. Sooo... we could go over to the university and get wine like the ice cream shop!


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