Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Trip to the New HyVee

Ok, today after Church we went to the new HyVee in Columbia.

Debi had been there before and looked at the new Liquor/Beer Department...but this was my first foray in.

We used to live behind the original HyVee, so I was aware of the Layout...although I must say, the selection here is much bigger.

Debi and I both picked out some wines, and each of us also took advantage of there Six Pack Special, where you can mix and match for $10.

Here are the ones I picked -

He'Brew Messiah Bold
Jackman's American Pale Ale (Left Hand Brewing)
Arcadia Ales Scotch Ale
Tommyknocker Glacier
Haywire Hefeweizen
Lagunitas IPA

I will be reviewing them one at a time as I work my way through the 6-pack. Also, I would expect some wine reviews (I even picked up a Goats Do Roam) and whatever Debi throws my way from her pick six.


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