Friday, November 13, 2009

Single Wide IPA

Well, it was game night here at Smokes & Booze...and I had some friends over. Of course nothing says "Friends" like Beer and Pizza (from Pizza Haus here in Town)and tonight's choices were Blue Moon Belgian White and Boulevard Single-Wide India Pale Ale (IPA).

The guys focused on the IPA, and why is a MANLY Beer. With an IBU of 59, this beer really works the Hops for all its got...especially considering to qualify as an IPA, the minimum score is a 40. Even drunk straight from the bottle, you immediately notice the Hops' unique aroma. Mmmmmmmmmm.....I loves me some HOPS. The beer itself tastes of floral/pine hop juices balanced out with malty sweetness before finishing a little bitter and dry. It went well with the Pizza and I would be curious to the others opinions (HINT HINT). I will say I am biased, IPAs are some of my favorites...and since Boulevard is a "Local" (from KC), it gets bonus points. Throw in the cool origins of the beer (the Hops was a perspective when shipping beer from the UK to India) and I find this a can't miss when the guys come over.

Boulevard Single-Wide IPA (since 1989??? Boy do I feel old).....Two Thumbs Up.

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