Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poor Man's Margaritas

Ok, I'm getting ready for bed and I realized I had an ommision in the review of last night.

I covered everything at Paddy Malone's, but then there was the ride home. Jason and I were in the backseat rambling on about how we needed more booze. Jenn was hungry and Debi was tired (still worn out from her bout with H1N1).

It was determined that we would just get dropped off at home and Jenn/Jason would grab some chow in Columbia.

Being the enabler that I am, as soon as we got home....I threw together a quick drink for me and Jason. One I called....the Poor Man's Margarita.

Now keep in mind, I had limited resources to work, we were out of booze and beer, except for two types of Tequila and a bottle of white wine.

So, thinking quick...I poured a double Milagro, threw in some cubed ice and topped with Mt. Dew.

It actually (in my drunken state) wasn't bad......but was Jason a bit to full to handle it? It was that or the BK. Inquiring minds want to know.


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