Monday, November 9, 2009

Nut Cracker Ale

Walking through Walmart after Church, I wasn't really planning on picking up a six pack, but then....a name jumped out at me- NUT CRACKER ALE - and I knew I had to have it.

NCA is a somewhat local beer, coming fro Boulevard Brewing in KC, plus this one is also fitting the theme of Seasonal Beers lately, so it looked like an all around win for the blog :P

Getting home, I cracked one open while putting away groceries....and was immediately WOWed by the Hoppyness and Molasses (I actually though of caramelized Maple Syrup) finish. Instantly a winner.

With an IBU of 31, it qualifies as a North American Brown Ale and the variant (Chinook) of Hops really plays through the beer. The Chinook Hops grabbed me so much that I was actually curious enough to look up the IBU on this one, because I thought it would be higher (just short of an IPA).

I didn't pay any attention to the color until I glassed the last one later in the evening, and then only as an afterthought. Very good looking medium brown, that when poured brought out an edge of nuttyness to the aroma for me. I wish I would have tried that earlier......oh well, I was thirsty.

At just under $7 for a 6'er at WalMart, this would be a good dinner beer (it paired great with my steak) and possibly a sit down in front of a fire over the holidays.

It would also make a good gift (when is beer ever a bad one?) with the Holiday Themed Name and Label....sure to bring a smile.


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