Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peanut Butter and Jelly TIME

This article ran on pertaining to the press release from Van Gogh Vodka.

While I appreciate MSNBC having the right to their own opinion, I do not agree with their statement that alleges “alcoholics to embrace their inner second-grader”.

With the plethora of flavored spirits and liquors on the market (I don’t see MSNBC attacking Kahlua for catering to “Alcoholic’s” coffee addiction – wait, they are probably a sponsor), to assume that this is targeting a particular market is poor journalism. 

Not only do they target the drink unfairly without even trying it(for the record, I haven’t tried it either – but then again, I’m not bashing it), but they try to be coy and joking -

“We’re not even sure how to drink this? Straight up? PB&J-tini? As punishment for crimes in a past life?”

Rather than hiding behind the moniker of “Msnbc.Com Staff”, put your name behind your story, nut up and actually spend a dime on product.  Take a bottle to your local bartender and have him play with it and mix you a cocktail.  Better yet, if you are going to attack people who enjoy flavored drinks and call them alcoholics (a derogatory term – could this be hate speech?), then just refrain from even saying anything and leave the reporting to experts – like us at Smokes and Booze.

The answer to an unasked question: PB&J vodka

By staff

You may have thought that bacon-flavored vodka was bad – and if you tasted it you know this to be hangover-inducingly true. But that may be top shelf compared to peanut butter & jelly vodka.

Evidently, Van Gogh Vodka sees the need for alcoholics to embrace their inner second-grader. PB&J is a thing, as reported by BarBiz mag.

“Van Gogh is proud to introduce their own take on the classic PB&J, transforming its timeless flavor into a delightfully smooth peanut butter and raspberry jelly flavored vodka. Master Distiller Tim Vos selected raspberry flavored jelly after taste-testing peanut butter sandwiches matched with various jellies. "For me, the raspberry jelly came out the best," he says. "It is fresh, fruity and mingles very well with the oily structure of the peanut butter."

We’re not even sure how to drink this? Straight up? PB&J-tini? As punishment for crimes in a past life?

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