Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Quick Hits–April 16th 2012

Here just a few articles that I came across this weekend.  They mostly do not warrant a full page – but they had some interesting tidbits.  You can follow the links if you are interested in the whole story.

Cheers -

London Metropolitan University mulls alcohol ban for 'conservative Muslim students'-

CreepyA London University may become the first in the country to ban alcohol from part of its campus to attract more Muslim students, its Vice Chancellor has said.

Ed Note- Really?  Can I get an asshole free zone?  Also, the picture from the article has so much creepy factor going for it (on so many different angles) that it was to good to pass up.

Groups join DUI fight at checkpoint

Enjoyed this little nugget

“The checkpoint was funded by a federal grant being administered by Penn State and State College police.

Aston said the department’s new high-tech flashlights helped officers spend less time talking to individual drivers, cutting down on the time people were stopped at the checkpoint.

The specialized flashlights use ethanol sensors to detect the presence of alcohol on a driver’s breath.”

Ed Note- So basically, they are getting a breathalyzer from you without consent.  If that isn't illegal search, I don’t know what is.

Hillary Clinton in Colombia dances, drinks beer


Ed Note – Speaking of Creepy Pictures, gotta love Hillary dancing and drinking the night away, especially with her below a sign saying “Havanna”.  Can anyone make out what kind of beer she is drinking? 

No smoking at New York's beaches or swimming areas, including Green Lakes, Fair Haven and Cayuga Lake

Ed Note – Just another area where you cannot smoke.  Given all the restrictions on living in NY, why would anyone want to live there?

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