Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Quick Hits

Normally we use this as a Monday regular, but yesterday I wanted to focus on Memorial Day – and stuck with a Military Theme.

To start the Tuesday – We have a submission from Alby on 13 Ways to Smuggle Booze. Now I am getting a bit old to be smuggling booze into places (usually a Hip Flask does just fine), but I really did enjoy The Wine Rack (video below) for ONLY $29.95 -


Next up, we have Illinois passing an additional $1 a pack cigarette tax.  I’ve gone on record before as to why I am against sin taxes – but I will do so again…..where will it stop?  We continue to raise taxes on questionable behavior, and use those funds to prop up failing social programs (in this case Health Care).  If these taxes really were a deterrent (as claimed) then what happens to the house of cards when everyone quits?  Face it….it’s a money grab, one that Missouri is talking about doing too.  What’s next?  Twinkie Tax to combat obesity?CNN

On a lighter side, how about CNN proving why they are the “World Wide Leaders in News”…….not.  In the article entitled - Divine wines for grilled burgers, steaks, chicken and seafood, we see a glass that sure doesn’t look like it is filled with wine – HOPEFULLY it is beer.

Another story I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to, is a review I did of Hot Ass Pineapple BBQ Sauce.  This product is produced by a friend of my from back in the Army.  It is great sauce and I highly recommend it.  Check it out HERESpike Vodka

How about a Vodka made from Cactus – called Spike?  Here is story on KLTV.   I really really really want a bottle of this.  Hopefully they will either send me a sample or it will make an appearance here in Missouri sometime soon.  If nothing else, maybe some of my TX friends can write a review (looking at you Sharron)

Finally, a bit of trivia.  Who remembers the demon voice in The Exorcist?  From YeahTV -  To get the tone right, radio actress Mercedes McCambridge chain-smoked, gargled raw egg, and washed it down with whiskey. They added in some animal sounds too.  I leave you with that thought -

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